Real Madrid: Fran García, next solution


fran garca has become a coveted piece by various Premier League teams. The termination clause of 10 million euros by which the winger could leave the discipline of Rayo Vallecano has placed him in the crosshairs of different teams. The 60 million euros paid by Chelsea for Cucurella last summerwhat of these days of Alex Moreno and Aston Villa (13.5 million euros) puts the Madrid youth squad in the showcase. The Spanish left-back is trading on the rise.

Real Madrid, as MARCA announced, is more convinced every day that the option of returning the defender fits, would be more than a relief to the white left back, the only position in which he does not doublein which the only specific footballer is the increasingly questioned Ferland Mendy.

For the Madrid entity, the return of the defender will mean a disbursement of five million euros, since the white club shares the economic rights with Rayo Vallecano. It must be remembered that Fran García landed in Vallecas two seasons ago, first on loan with a purchase option, a right executed by the entity chaired by Martin Presa.

In fact, Real Madrid is very attentive to all the movementsbecause in the event of a transfer to another club, he would also participate in it by virtue of the agreement signed at the time between the two entities, but right now the debate in Valdebebas focuses on the decision to incorporate the left-back for the 23-24 project.

Reinier’s great goal with Castilla… after a great assist from Fran GarcíaReal Madrid TV

All the noise that is being produced around Fran García is speeding up the decision about his future, regardless of whether or not he continued at Rayo until the end of the season. The idea of ​​Real Madrid is that the possible incorporation of Fran García does not take place before next summerthat is to say, technicians and leader of the white club remain firm in the idea of ​​not touching the team, at least in arrivals, in the winter market.

The technical reports of the sports management of Real Madrid on Fran García are positive and they bet on the return of the side. Carlo Ancelotti himself likes how the defender moves, waiting for the final decision is in the hands of the leaders, but each day that passes the return is closer.

A possible domino effect

Following the transfer of Lex Moreno to Aston Villa It must be said that Rayo Vallecano participates in 20% of the total amount of the same, by virtue of the Agreement signed between the Madrid club and Betis for the transfer of the winger. And it was just the departure of the Barcelona defender to the club coached by Unai Emery that It could have brought with it a domino effect, which could have involved Fran García himself.

However, the reality has been very different. As MARCA has learned, Fran García’s plans include finishing the season at Rayo and not leaving in any case in January. The man from Bolaos de Calatrava is very involved in the project and is not considering leaving Rayo stranded in the middle of the season.

Goal by Fran García (1-0) at Rayo Vallecano 1-2 Barcelona

The ‘3’ is very grateful to the franjirrojo team. It was the club that bet on him and that has ended up catapulting him into professional football. He considers that if he left now, he would leave Rayo very touched in one of the key positions in Iraola’s scheme. Fran and Álvaro García are essential pieces in the construction of Rayo’s offensive game and A departure from either of the two would upset the Gipuzkoan coach a lot. His goal is in Concha Espina and for this reason, to this day, the only club for which he would change Rayo would be Real Madrid.

Centenary in the Lightning

Fran García completed 100 official matches last Sunday and 50 in the First Division as a Rayo player. The bolaego landed for the first time in Vallecas in the 2020-2021 season and did so on loan from Real Madrid. The following year, the Strip opted for him and decided to exercise the purchase option of 2.5 million euros. Since he arrived, his presence in the eleven has been practically unquestionable. The first season he played 43 of the 50 official matches, while last year he did it in 39 of 45.

fran garc

Fran García, persecuted by Militao.JOS A. GARCA

This season, Fran has participated in 18 of Rayo’s 19 official matches and he is the second player on the squad with the most minutes in the League, only surpassed by Ivn Balliu who has played absolutely everything. Except for the discount in Pamplona and the last 11 minutes against Betis, Fran García has been immovable for a breathing Andoni Iraola who already knows that he can count on himat least, until June.

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