Real Madrid: Fran García, a three-way operation: Rayo, Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen


Fran García has before him a complicated, but deep down sweet situation. Bayer Leverkusen He wants you for this winter market and is willing to pay the ten million of his termination clause, the one that Rayo Vallecano has been trying to climb since last summer knowing what it has before it. Movement to which the player and his agent, Gins Carvajal, have refused. While, Real Madrid continues to meditate on what to do with the wingera footballer trained in Valdebebas and who can be repurchased for five million euros and even paying less money due to other operations between the two teams.

The desire of the Spanish international in lower categories is to return to Real Madrid next summer, but Xabi Alonso’s team comes with everything. The still defense of Rayo does not want to rush and now they are studying all the options that he has on the table.

To the leaders of the Madrid entity they have no choice but to find a meeting point with the German teamwith whom there is an outstanding relationship, as was demonstrated last summer with the Iker Bravo operation and years ago with that of Dani Carvajal, a footballer who spent a year in the city of aspirin.

As MARCA has been telling, The Fran García affair and his possible return have been debated on different occasions in Valdebebas. The idea of ​​getting him back for the next season still exists, but the problem lies in knowing if he should play another year or more playing forty games before returning.

FIFA clearance

What Real Madrid does not want to do is buy back the winger from Rayo in this market, to later sell it to Bayer Leverkusen. Movement that should go through FIFA because of belonging to three teams in one season, although it is true that he did not play any game with Real Madrid.

In fact, a few days ago The possible return of Aubameyang was stopped by possible legal doubts due to having already played for Barcelona before being transferred to Chelsea. What was ruled out was a possible move to a third team, in this case Atlético, who showed interest in the striker.

Fran García wants to play for Real Madrid and the leaders of the white club want it that way too, but they don’t know when the right time is to do so. Mendy, Nacho and Alaba are the owners of that side and except for the transfer of the Frenchman, in the Madrid entity they do not have a major arrival operation scheduled for this summer. They had a placid return from Fran García, but now everything has gotten a bit complicated. And it is that the side It is one of the great market opportunities. If 65 million were paid for Cucurella, the ten of the termination clause of the side like the former Eibar, are an unbeatable opportunity. This is how they think of Leverkusen and many other sports directions, including that of Valdebebas, which can recover it in half.

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