Real Madrid: False statement from Real Madrid for the ‘case of the shirts’


ANDl prickly ‘case of the t-shirts’the position of Real Madrid and Barcelona to prevent the free access of fans to the stands with clothing or symbols of the rival team (“something very sad”, as the coach of the Royal Society, Imanol Alguacil, described yesterday) has generated a logical and enormous controversy, becoming the big current issue.

The forceful criticism of this matter, headed by the cover of MARCA, have already provoked various reactions. On the one hand, Barcelona has agreed for the moment that rival fans can at least show off their colors in the area reserved for them, while Real Madrid now assures that it will not prohibit fans wearing rival shirts from entering the stands.

The white club has done so through a statement in which it accuses MARCA of falsesince this newspaper never spoke of prohibiting but of “reserving the right of admission”, which is what Real Madrid itself announces on its official website.

“For general knowledge It is reported that the seats for visiting fans can only be purchased through the Visiting Team and that, for security reasons, they are located in an area duly separated from the rest of the fans.

Real Madrid reserves the right to prevent fans of the visiting team from entering the stadium with locations that have been acquired by other channels and are not located in said area”. This is the textual message from Real Madrid on its website.

Logically, The only way to detect that a fan is from the rival team is if they are dressed in the shirt or symbol of the rival team.which would give the white club the power to prevent him from entering, as Real Madrid itself warns on its website, something that contravenes the most elementary sporting values.

This attribution of prohibiting access to the stands for this reason, which Real Madrid falsely puts in the mouth of MARCA (Bad move of the subconscious?) is precisely what has caused the widespread criticism of Spanish football.

The statement from Real Madrid (false, as can be seen with the attached images) is as follows:

Statement from Real Madrid

In view of the information that appeared on the front page of the newspaper Marca, in which it states that Real Madrid CF prohibits fans from entering our stadium wearing shirts from the visiting team, Real Madrid would like to state the following:

1. That said information is emphatically and absolutely false. Real Madrid has never prohibited fans wearing rival team shirts from entering the Santiago Bernabu stadium. This is how it has always been, as can be seen in every game held in our stadium, and it will continue to be so.

2. And with respect to the number of tickets that Real Madrid has made available to Atlético de Madrid for this next match, our club wants to make it clear that the number of tickets assigned to Atlético de Madrid is the same that Real Madrid receives when visit the Metropolitano stadium, corresponding to what was agreed by both entities within the framework of the extraordinary relationship we maintain.

3. Likewise, Real Madrid wants to record that the sale and assignment of tickets for the Santiago Bernabú have complied at all times and has always complied with the regulations in force in each competition.

Real Madrid hopes and wants this next derby to be a football party that nothing and no one should tarnish with absolutely false information.

The good news is that the unanimous criticism of Spanish football and the cover denouncing MARCA in defense of the fan seems to be going to prevent it from being carried outthat a trend that would do a lot of damage to football be accepted and normalized.

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