Real Madrid: City’s bathroom confirms Real Madrid’s shortcomings: this is what it needs

Lto hysterical Champions of the real Madrid of last season served to postpone some decisions that in view of what happened this season should not have waited any longer. It often happens that the most important changes are made late because the successes cloud the vision of the leaders. Well it is true that the plan was mbappand he stood up, but a squad had to be propped up that showed deficiencies, but it was not done after a while, with a double included, and the homework was kept in the drawer.

The saddest exit of Real Madrid

It continued with footballers who do not enter into Ancelotti’s plans: Vallejo, Odriozola, Hazard and Marianomore ceballos well into the season and even Nacho, which has remained in the background. Without forgetting the comedown Tchouamni after the World Cup when he was the replacement for casemiro. Up to six footballers, too many in a squad that aspires to win everything. After the bath of City, It has been seen that with this squad it is not enough to play in the League if, above all, if you are immersed in the Champions League, where you really compete with the best. These are the most obvious needs for the next season.

The keys to Pep Guardiola’s bathroom at Real Madrid

A striker apart from Benzema

Karim Benzema has gone through a more than complicated season. The Frenchman was the ideal plunger when things were not going well due to his clarity in the game and his goals, but at the Etihad he was seen to be well below his level, confirming that he has not finished start this year Mariano’s contract ends, although he was never an alternative, and the last time a replacement was signed, Jovic for 70 million, it did not work out. It is not easy to face this lack. The ideal for Madrid would be to wait until June 2024 without too many changes and return to the charge for Mbapp or Haaland, when there seem to be real options, to assume the role of Karim. But the question is what to do until that date, always counting on one of the two coming. The other is to bring a second level nine who accepts the role of substitute for Karim or go this summer for a proven striker, something more remote since it does not agree with the current policy of the club in its commitment to young talent. The option of the house for the transition is Álvaro Rodríguez.

Shortcomings on the sides: two more players

What happened this season with the left back has made clear the lack of planning in the squad. The return of Fran García has already been closed. The injuries of the now reviled Ferland Mendy have made it clear that without the French there is no replacement. He has ended up playing ah Camavinga, much to his regret. He has made big mistakes, especially at the Etihad, typical of a footballer who is made for everything except being a defender, and he has lost a great pivot as was seen at Anfield. The question is whether Mendy plus the still Rayo player is enough. On the right, the question is whether Madrid can afford the luxury of having its right-back alone for important events. Lucas is the replacement, too, don’t forget, he is another reconverted since Zidane’s time because there was no other. And he has complied. The issue is whether that is enough for when City returns. If Odriozola leaves, the club can look for another right back.

Bellingham and recover Tchouamni

Madrid have strengthened their midfield in recent years with Camavinga first and Tchouamni later, seeing that the end of Modric and Kroos was getting closer, but the reality is that when they were most needed, against a City that invaded that area of ​​the field, they did not appear. neither of them due to different circumstances in the anticipated final of the Champions League. The next target is Bellingham and it seems that the signing is more than on track, although he comes to give even more muscle to the spinal cord, but the Englishman will not be enough. We will have to recover Tchouamni, who delighted as the new Casemiro until the World Cup but who has collapsed after Qatar. Camavinga has also made it clear this year that he can provide solutions in that area of ​​the field, but above all in Tchouamni’s position. The club seems to renew Kroos and Modric in the end, so Ancelotti will once again have the difficult task of managing the replacement that never ends up coming.

Earrings above all of Asenio and Ceballos

And that’s without counting that Asensio and Ceballos are also ending their contract and if they leave the club will have to look for more replacements. Brahim sounds on the Balearic Islands but the departure of the Utrera native would force us to look for another medium. The Spaniard has not been a regular for Carlo this season either, but even so, with 12 goals, he is the fourth highest scorer and has given eight assists, so his departure will force the club to look for a replacement with a poster. As for Ceballos, he was forgotten but has also been an alternative throughout the campaign.

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