Real Madrid: Ceballos, first injury of the season in Madrid: month and a half out!!!


Daniel Ceballos He is the first Real Madrid player to have fallen into this preseason with a serious muscle injury. This was reported by the white club: “After the tests carried out on our player Dani Ceballos by the Real Madrid Medical Services, he has been diagnosed with an injury to the distal tendon of the right femoral biceps muscle.” Conclusion: month and a half off. Neither travel to the United States for the tour. He stays recovering in Madrid.

He real Madrid The preseason began on Monday with demanding physical sessions that have taken their toll on Ceballos, who had trained at home during the summer to get in shape for training. Bad luck for the Madrid midfielder, who this year once again has fierce competition in midfield and is already starting at a disadvantage with his teammates.

ceballos He was barely injured last season, with only one setback along the course, a blow that knocked him out in October. After that injury, he did not have physical problems again throughout the season, increasing his number of minutes as the campaign progressed.

A difficult injury to treat

The Les in in the distal tendon of the biceps femoris requires special attention from the medical services, since 60% of the players who suffer from it end up relapsing. Madrid, however, has experience in this type of injury, since david praises He already suffered it last year after the first leg at Anfield.

ceballos He has already placed himself in the hands of the medical services to try to recover as soon as possible, although the deadline given has undoubtedly been a blow. Not being in the league start and not being able to play until September.

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