Real Madrid: Ceballos, an injury at the worst moment


Daniel Ceballos He is facing something that he already paid for two years ago when he was injured at the Tokyo Games. The injury he suffers, a problem in the distal tendon of the right biceps femoris muscle, will cause him to miss the key part of the preseason. The period of loss has been estimated between four and six weeks, which means that the international midfielder will not be in USA with his teammates and his return to the team is when the season has already started with the game on August 12 in saint mamas.

The lesion in tokyothen ankle, made ceballos all summer work was lost. But that was not the worst. Because the white 19 could not return to the team until Christmas of 2021.

Now, the expected period of loss is shorter, although it lasted much longer than expected. It’s the good part. The bad news is that the competition of this real Madrid in the midfield it is extreme, much higher than it was two years ago.

yes stop ceballosrenewed until 2027 a few weeks ago, the season already started from a complicated situation in the media ladder that has ancelottiNow he has the problem of missing a crucial section for the future and games in which he could have options so that Carletto It would open an extra window.

Real Madrid announces the renewal of Dani Ceballos until 2027real Madrid FC

The midfield of the real Madrid It is an area of ​​extreme competition. Kroos and Modric they are indisputable pillars for his coach in his idea. “They play because they deserve it, not because of their careers,” he explained. ancelotti last season. German and Croatian contains many of the ingredients that the Italian coach has in his head to play, be it in 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or one course.

The age of both (38 the Croatian and 33 the German) made Madrid look to the future. The relay began with the growth of Fede Valverde. The Uruguayan grew so much that he carried forward Asensio, Rodrygo and the scheme of a 4-3-3 with a natural winger on the left side.

Then came camavinga, in the summer of 2021. The Frenchman’s development multiplied last season to the point of being the player with whom he appeared in the most games (59 of 61). It is true that many were left-backs, a position that is not his but in which he displayed more virtues than defects. That was a nuance, because camavinga it is a purebred medium and that is where it should play.

A year later, for 80 million euros, he appeared in Valdebebas Aureline Tchouamni. His first season was clearly from more to less, with the worldas the point from which a fall began against which he is now willing to overcome. Despite that slump, he was always ahead of ceballosan advantage that grows with the injury of the Andalusian.

De la Fuente responds: Are the problems with Gavi the reasons for Ceballos’ absence?

This powerful midfield is joined by the star signing for now from LaLiga: Jude Bellingham. The Englishman arrives to play, not to roll and then enter the eleven. Despite being only 20 years old, the Birmingham He is an already mature footballer in the elite, both for his time in the bundesliga with the Dortmund as for his role in the English team. The starting point of his plan ancelotti is far above that of ceballos.

And remains Arda Gler, more winger than midfielder. It is not a direct competition for the position of ceballosbut if indirect because his entry into the eleven will be at the cost of a midfield piece.

no time for selection

Absent in Spain champion of the Nations Leaguethe return of Daniel Ceballos The selection for the September matches (Georgia and Cyprus) is getting very dark. On the one hand, the injury complicates his times. On the other hand, if everything goes smoothly, Pedri will be among those chosen by From the source in an area of ​​the field where there are quite a few very fixed pieces: Rodri, Zubimendi, Gavi, Mikel Merino and Fabin.

That that injuries never come at a good time is an absolute reality in the present of Daniel Ceballos.

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