Real Madrid: Brazil threatens Spain with applying “the principle of extraterritoriality” for the racist attacks against Vinicius


flvio dinoMinister of Justice of Brazil, has reported that the Brazilian government is considering adopting the principle of extraterritoriality for the racist attacks suffered by Vincius in Spanish football.

“We are studying the possibility of applying the principle known as extraterritoriality. The Penal Code provides that, in some exceptional situations, it is possible to apply Brazilian law in case of crimes against Brazilians even abroad,” Dino explained to the Brazilian press.

What is the principle of extraterritoriality that Brazil threatens to apply against Spain in the Vinicius case?

The Minister of Justice himself was in charge of explaining on his Twitter account what the principle of extraterritoriality in Brazil consists of.

“The principle of extraterritoriality is in the Criminal Code, derived from the request of the Minister of Justice. Extreme remedy in case of crime against Brazilians, which can be useful in case of inaction of the initially competent authorities. It can work as a response to an aggression unfair against a compatriot.

The issue of extraterritoriality is still under analysis and depends on a series of factors. I only remind you that it is in the Penal Code, since some are questioning the mention that I made of it as an extreme remedy. I think it is useful for everyone to know about the existence of this protection for the rights of Brazilians. By the way, the principle also exists in Spain and other countries.”

The Prosecutor has already opened proceedings for alleged hate crime for the insults to Vinicius

The EFE news agency publishes that the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office has officially initiated investigative proceedings for a alleged hate crime for insults to the Real Madrid player Vinicius in Sunday’s match at the Mestalla stadium, sources from the State Attorney General have reported.

Susana Gisbert, prosecutor delegate for hate crimes of the Prosecutor

The Prosecutor opens proceedings for alleged hate crime for insults to ViniciusEFE

Previously, the Real Madrid announced in a statement that it would go to the State Attorney General’s Office as a private accusation after filing a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against hate crimes and discrimination, so that the events that occurred against the Brazilian Vincius Junior in Mestalla be investigated.

José Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs: “The insults come from a minority of hotheads”

Jose Manuel Albaresminister of foreign affairsdenied at a press conference that Spain is a racist country: “Spanish society is a mostly tolerant society. It is a society that clearly rejects racism and of course, on the part of the Government of Spain there will be no doubt or any coverage about any attitude of racism, intolerance or rejection of pluralism”.

Regarding the Vinicius case, the Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that “these incidents are intolerable and absolutely reprehensible, not only in the sports arena but also in a country like Spain, a welcoming land that makes diversity its banner. The xenophobia shown by some madmen shames us as a society and as a sport.”

“The insults come from a minority of hotheads who confuse passion with hatred and who should never set foot on a soccer field again,” Alvares made clear.

Brazil asks Spain to act against the racism that Vincius “has been suffering repeatedly”

Flvio Dino’s announcement came after the Brazilian Government condemned and repudiated, “in the strongest terms”, the racist insults that Vincius Jnior “has been repeatedly suffering in Spain.”

The statue of Christ the Redeemer turns off its lights in support of Vinicius

The Government of Lula da Silva urges Spain, La Liga, the Spanish Football Federation and FIFA to take measures and “deeply regrets that, up to now, no effective measures have been taken to prevent and avoid the repetition of these acts of violence.” racism”.

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