Real Madrid: Benzema stays: the keys to the Frenchman’s continuity at Real Madrid


Karim Benzema spoke at the delivery of the MARCA Leyenda to change the step that most of the media had set since Saudi Arabia brought out all the artillery to take the Real Madrid forward to their league.

On the stage, with the MARCA Legend under his arm and after Clara’s question, Ana’s tears and Miguel Quintana’s insistence, already changed the course clearly. “Reality is not what they say on the Internet,” he pointed out to the presenter of the gala, who had asked him about his departure in the face of the barrage of information that already placed him far from the Bernabu. The reality is that Benzema had not even spoken and his idea was and is to continue in Madrid.

Benzema’s hopeful message to Real Madrid fans

The point is that Benzema is going to stay. He will fulfill the year that remains on his contract that it has agreed with the white club, which is also what both parties had in mind for a long time. And that, in addition, they have signed. The bond continues, it does not break. Karim is very grateful to Arabia for the enormous interest it has shown for months now, but the player wants to leave Madrid through the front door.

Benzema, in addition, He still feels with plenty of strength to have a great season, which could be the last, although when it was agreed at the time with the club this year, not even the option of one more campaign was closed. Will have to see it. It is also true that Benzema does not close the option of playing in the Arabian League by the end of the 2023-24 campaign. The offer is still on the table despite the fact that he finally stays at the white club. He was already irreproachable this year, but the Ballon d’Or is clear and everything that is said from this moment on will already be with a view to 2024.

Benzema: “The reality of my future is another, not what they say on the Internet”BRAND.COM

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Benzema also considers that this campaign will not have been the best, but he is satisfied on a collective and individual level. In the first, The Champions League semifinals have been reached for yet another year and the Copa del Rey, the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup have been won. On an individual level, with the last day to go, there have been 30 goals despite the fact that he has not found himself on many occasions as expected due to physical problems. Despite the fact that he has missed up to 18 games, He has been the top scorer for another year. Despite everything, Karim is demanding and his goal is to sign what may be his last season showing his best level. The legend continues.

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