Real Madrid: Bellingham, exclusively for MARCA: “I’m ready to win”


D.and walk around the house, because Madrid is already yours. well, in a way close and everydayattend Jude Bellinghamthe new jewel in the white crown, BRAND. In the heart of the capital, between the traffic and the hurricane wind, but no less hot for that, from the Castellana, rises the Eurostars Hotel in Madrid. A building that makes anyone who stands in front of its buildings feel small. 31 stories high. There, in the first of them, walking through the lobby as one more guestwas the new star of Real Madrid, Jude Bellingham. A star that everyone is waiting for and with which we have been able to talk.

Bellingham: “Thank you for being here on the most important day of my life”Real Madrid TV

Away from the usual suit and tie of the place, the Birmingham-born she served us in a comfortable tank top and sweatpants. There is no doubt that In Madrid he already feels at home. For this, it has helped presence of his familyand specifically, of his inseparable mother Denise. The player is a very close and familiarthat shows always with a smile and willing to exchange photos and words without any complaint.

Ready to start and with the knee in perfect condition

“I feel fine. I’m ready for tomorrowJude assures exclusively for MARCA. The British media have ended their vacation and join this monday to pre-season training with Real Madrid. Being, for the first time, at orders from Carlo Ancelotti. It is expected that in the morning the medical examinationsand already in the afternoon the first training. Along with, will join the rest of classmates that they were not summoned by their selections in the international parn of June.

As for the medical evidence, he has confirmed that there will be no problem: “I’m ready to play, the knee is in perfect condition“. And, that knee had been an uncertainty since the end of last season. Jude missed the last two games of the previous campaign and could not help his old team, Borussia Dortmund, lift the league title Likewise, he was also absent from international commitments with his team.As the player assures, the holidays have allowed him to eliminate any kind of discomfort.

Wishing to debut at the Santiago Bernabu

What he is looking forward to is playing in what will be his new home. That unique home that is located a few meters from where it is now. “I’m looking forward to playing at Bernabu for all madridistas”. The young footballer is aware that much is expected of him, being the second most expensive signing of the Chamartn club and wants to demonstrate as soon as possible the qualities that have led him here. The carats deposited by the goals and assists that he carries on his back do not mean any weight to him. There is nothing that takes away that smile that he still maintains from that Birmingham boy he was in his day.

Without a doubt is a star with its feet on the ground. A humble person, but with ambition. “I’m prepared to win“, he concludes before getting on the elevator to rest. These days, between training sessions, he will try to find a new house to live in, although Madrid is yours. Welcome Jude.

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