Real Madrid – Barcelona | Copa del Rey: A Bar of use


No.or is he used to Barcelona to appear in the stadiums as a victim, but the plan worked out wonderfully for Xavi in the Santiago Bernabou. The Barca coach said in the previous one that the real Madrid he was “favorite” for the duel. He put arguments that the whites are the current champions of Champions and League, although in reality he was thinking about the plague of casualties on his team. He didn’t want to underestimate what he had.

Copa del Rey (semifinals first leg): summary and goal for Real Madrid 0-1 Barcelona

And he did well. Because it turned out that what I presented Xavi in Chamartn It was a magnificent example of what in gastronomy is known as ‘use cooking’. the one of Terrassa he took what he had, combined it, and came up with a more than decent plate. So much so that it was worth it to take the tie with an advantage over Camp Nou… and without having counted on Pedri, Lewandowski or Dembl.

It is true that for that field kitchen Xavi He had some star ingredients. One of those who lift any plate. Frenkie de Jong and Jules Kound They were at their best. It can already be said that the Dutchman is having his best season as a Barça player. Better even than the one with koeman in which he swelled to score goals. He has been assuming responsibilities all season and in the Bernabou it was no less. His changes of pace to overcome lines with the ball stuck inevitably reminded of that player from the ajax.

As to Kound, the French needed a game like that. Being the head of the defense, against a big rival and in a category scenario. The Frenchman had a couple of modest performances, like the rest of the team, but yesterday he was in all of them. It was the bodyguard Mark Alonso needed. And I will continue to need it as long as Xavi He insisted on putting him in central.

and like this Bara owes a lot to the defense, although Xavi bothered to admit it, you can’t understand what happened last night in the Santiago Bernabú without the role of Ronald Araujo. The Uruguayan always has to dance with the ugliest when he plays against the real Madrid. I went back to play in the band to dry Vinicius. Although he suffered, he passed the exam with flying colors.

the data speak

The best proof that the team of Xavi underwent a survival exercise in the Bernabou was the possession data. The Catalans had the ball only 35 percent of the time, something totally atypical. The Barça coach admitted at the end of the match that it was not the type of game they were looking for, but that they were not going to disdain a victory in either Chamartn.

As revealing as the possession data was that of the shots on goal. That he real Madrid end the game without sending a single ball between the three sticks of the goal of Ter Stegen made clear the incidence of the defenders of the Bara in the crash story.

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