Real Madrid-Barcelona: Bara devastates an empty Madrid


ANDhe Barcelona won the Super Cup with an incontestable display, beating an unanswered Real Madrid in everything, tactically, technically and physically inferior to its opponent. As Laporta warned, they devastated a team that is experiencing a very low moment, even worse than last year, in a fall that can be seen from the league derby. In fact, the breadth of the victory stayed where it stayed thanks to Courtois, the only one at the required level.

Goal by Gavi (0-1) at Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

On the third time, Saudi Arabia held the final they wanted since they paid to celebrate the Super Cup in their territory. Real Madrid and Barcelona measured their moment of the season with the suspicion that, at this point, the advantage is Barca. For the league position and for the impressions of semis. It was confirmed from the beginning, with Xavi betting on a 4-2-3-1 that gave him an advantage in the middle. But beyond the drawing, which also, the Barça team prevailed in rhythm, with and without the ball. And in aggressiveness, as Vinicius verified when receiving from Araujo off the field, before the quarter of an hour.

Far from that hot afternoon at the Bernabu, Madrid sought to group behind to go against it, but they do not have the energy or clarity to do so. The first notice came from Lewandowski, who headed a cross from the left close to the squad. Gavi served it, like the next one, a pass back that the Pole finished off below for Courtois’ usual miracle, clearing over the post. Very serious warnings to which Benzema responded with a header near the post, after a good cross from Mendy. Good option that Madrid did not take advantage of. Absolutely.

Goal by Lewandowski (0-2) at Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

Barca’s obvious superiority was brewing on the left wing, where Balde and, above all, Gavi dominated their peers. With the ball owned by Barça, the goal was a matter of time. The party opted for a children’s mistake from Madrid. Rdiger received a blow to the head in an exit from Courtois, and as soon as he returned to the field he received to get the ball out, with Bara pressing. He forced Camavinga, who lost, Lewandowski controlled the area and unloaded to the side for Gavi to score. Deserved award for the media, omnipresent, and fair punishment for Madrid, who made the wrong exit route by choosing a footballer who had recently recovered from a blow. The 0-1 uncovered the obvious white deficiencies. How to shrink when you shouldn’t. Carvajal and Militao came out to reduce De Jong, late and badly, discovering Gavi only as a left winger. He received, entrusted and returned the kindness to Lewandowski so that he signed the 0-2. Classic resolved to rest.

The problem that Ancelotti faced at halftime was whether to try to avoid another 0-4 with which Xavi made his debut as coach of the Clásicos or to seek a comeback. He looked for the usual solution, withdraw Camavinga to put Rodrygo in, without the French having been worse than Kroos, Modric or Valverde. He did not contain the bleeding, because what the Catalans decide happens. In fact, if Courtois had not mediated, the win would have been consolidated much earlier. He blocked a one-on-one from Dembl after Balde’s departure against Carvajal. A Ferrari before a Twingo. Shortly after he contained Lewandowski, although he only postponed the inevitable. Another mistake, this time by the recently entered Ceballos, facilitated the third with a horizontal pass at the start. He pressed the Bara, attacked the weak side and Pedri completed the job, again to a pass from Gavi.

Goal by Pedri (0-3) in Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

This time it was not a moral triumph, like last year, when Bara celebrated having competed in the Super Cup semifinal. It was an indisputable victory, despite the burst of pride that allowed the statistics to decorate in the last third. The white team attacked something else, pure makeup. Including the goal in the extension. Bara rules with obvious superiority, Madrid cannot find football and has no legs. It is what it is.

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