Real Madrid: Asensio and the ship heading for nowhere: “Another good night in my garden”

No.ada. Zero. Blank space. Nothing is defined as the absence and non-existence of any object. or what is the same, what was experienced by the white fan (because the blue wanted the opposite) in the Santiago Bernabu. Carlo Ancelotti He took out a boat, with four starters from the beginning and three that left after the break, heading to the most absolute nothing against a Getafe in need of points for a descent that is increasingly pressing. The mission was clear: hold out until the final whistle without suffering any injury among the most important pieces of the Italian coach. Luck was tempted excessively and the result was not as positive as could be expected from a match prior to the battle of mnchester in it etihad stadium. A blow from Camavinga to his battered left knee put Real Madrid’s peace of mind in trouble: “The knee has sprained a bit, but it is stable and the most important thing is mobility. The inner part of the knee bothers him…“Ancelotti assured.

the men of jos bordals they tried to accompany that ship to nothingness that would have given them a vital tie in their aspirations for salvation, but the figure of Marco Asensio, who fearlessly manned the white team to a good port. The Spanish midfielder he took out of nowhere his classic shoe from the frontthe ball touched maksimovicwhat a mislead David Soria before the score reflected 1-0. The equalizer was broken, the Azulón team was forced to propose something to look for a tie… but the script was already written before the game began. The miraculous appearance of Asensio supposes the both number 12 in his scoring account in this season, equaling his best scoring record of a campaign as a white player. The same ones that he scored in the last campaign. If we count the goals with the selection he has 13 (he did one in the World Cup in Qatar) and He will be two away from matching his best record (15 in the 2016-17 season, 10 with Madrid and 5 with the Under-21).

Marco’s garden

“In an Italian port, at the foot of the mountains, live our friend Marco in a humble abode. He gets up very early to help his good mother“, thus begins the song of some cartoons that marked an entire generation and that narrate the adventures of little Marco and his monkey Amedio. In the case of the white 11, Marco does not live in Italy, but he is directed by an Italian; his humble abode is the Santiago Bernabu; and he doesn’t wake up to help her mom, she does it to serve and protect Real Madrid.

“Another good night in my garden”assured Asensio on his social networks after giving the three points to the white team in the 70th minute. Because when the night seemed to wander aimlessly… Vinicius appeared on the scene, the Brazilian agitator is what the Bernabu stands were asking for, to try to give the game a little excitement. The extreme proposed more with his first two starts than anything seen before and the good atmosphere that was transmitted on the grass ended up kissing the nets of the goal of David Soria in the form of a goal

“It was a very difficult game against a tough opponent, especially defensively. It was difficult to open the can, but we improved a lot when we scored and achieved the victory, which helps us face the game on Wednesday“, assured the midfielder after the game. And it is that Asensio is one of the best news for the white team ahead of the tie against the team of Pep Guardiola. Enjoy his particular garden… and the new function that the Italian coach gave him: false 9. Marco went down to receive, associated with his teammates and led the attack. Perhaps his test in eleven was more a reason for necessity… or perhaps an alternative if something unforeseen arises in the Manchester Museum. The test went well and Carletto’s script already has one more notch in the revolver.

Bernabu dictated sentence

How to explain with Hazard’s match against Getafe… that this footballer was Top 3 in the world not long ago? The answer is easy… but the mission seems impossible. The Belgian winger has lost all that essence that surrounds his figure when he dances through the complicated fields of the Premier League. On the 7th he wandered around the Bernabu pitch for 61 minutes until Ancelotti replaced him with Vinicius, the footballer who supposedly I was going to have to learn from Hazard on the left wing. It happened to him like a motorcycle, the same as he does with his rivals, to take over the position… and the rest of the story is already known.

Miguel Torres and the ‘Hazard Case’: “He has lacked ambition”

“I was very excited about Hazard, but today I have lost all the illusion in the world”count michael torres to MARCA in the preview of the match. A feeling similar to that of the Real Madrid fan who went to the stadium last night. The change caused a good whistle… that was camouflaged by a footballer whose contract is running out this summer. The wind orchestra that was set up with Mariano’s entrance was the jackpot of the game. The Spanish-Dominican striker had bought all the tickets for the fair and the final result was resolved at the first exchange in Marco’s garden. The final verdict of Santiago Bernabú It was blunt and left no room for doubt.

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