Real Madrid: Asensio and Real Madrid, condemned to understand each other


Marco Asensio is torn between accepting an offer to renew the Real Madrid, that for now does not reach his aspirations, or pack his bags after seven seasons in white and start a new stage, probably in the Premier League.

However, once again the opportunism displayed by Asensio in the match against Chelsea, with a second goal that could be key to moving on to the semifinals or at least putting the tie on track, has put him back in the spotlight just three months after his contract expires. Regardless of whether he is the owner or not, it is evident that Marco has always been more quality than quantity and that also deserves a reflection in Real Madrid, at risk of losing the player.

Goal by Asensio (2-0) in Real Madrid 2-0 Chelsea.

Ancelotti’s message after the game is more than eloquent. He knows the importance he has in the Asensio team and hope it doesn’t go away. Carlo can’t give him ownership, in fact right now Rodrygo he is ahead of him, but he does not want to lose such a decisive player. Not playing regularlybarely added 1,400 minutes this campaign, has become the luxury replacement in many games.

It is decisive to have him in a squad because at any moment he can give you an advantage with goals and assists. I value it very highly because he more or less scores in every game starting or coming off the bench. Marco manages the space between the lines very well to look for the shot and has a huge shot. Rodrygo risks more because he is much more vertical, he moves a lot behind the line and is more vertical “, Carlo also added when asked to compare him with Rodrygo.

renewal in the air

What seems clear is that the two parties have grounds to find a meeting point. If Madrid knows that Asensio is their best plunger in difficult moments, it is no less true that Asensio is happy in Madrid and in Madrid and that he would like to continue even knowing that neither now nor for a long time throughout his long career in white has he been indisputable.

Madrid values ​​the importance of Asensio and he is no stranger to the danger of national flight with all that that implies, not only for not losing a mark of the club’s identity, but also when it comes to closing the squad according to UEFA rules in the quota of players registered in clubs of each Federation between the ages of 15 and 21 for three seasons. And it is that in addition to Asensio, most of the nationals end their contract, as is the case of Ceballos, Nacho, Vallejo, Odriozola and Mariano.

Goals with message and historical record

That Asensio’s ability to appear with a goal or an assist is beyond any doubt. I already scored in the win in the Camp Nou also leaving from the bench and pointing to the shield to scare away the rumors of a possible march to the Barcelona. But before in the League He already scored against Elche with only ten minutes on the field, 24 against Osauna and 18 minutes against Espanyol To note.

More significant is his data in the Champions League, because with his goal against Chelsea he already has nine of his 12 coming off the bench, and he is already the top scorer in the history of the competition with nine goals for the eight of Solskjaer. All thanks to one left handed gold which will not be easy to find elsewhere and at a reasonable price.

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