Real Madrid: Arda Güler already impresses: “He has a gift”

ANDhe real Madrid has completed his third day of training, the first of them with the ball after the first physical beatings from Antonio Pintus. It did not take more for the first detail of genius to go viral on the networks Arda Gulerthat with a roulette Zidane he gets rid of two opponents and then beats the goalkeeper with a soft touch with his left foot.

With only 18 yearshis left hand is impressing those who work every day in Valdebebas. All are clear, yes, that it is a pearl that must be taken care of and they agree that they are not going to run with it. “He has everything to be a star”, they comment from Valdebebas, but the coaching staff is clear that there is a growth process to be followed at all levels, also physicaland that will force him to work hard, although he seems more than qualified for it.

It’s too much: Güler’s roulette that leaves Real Madrid amazed

Güler, in fact, has arrived at the best club in the world aware of this and of what he still has to do in all aspects, both physical, football and personal development, but the club’s commitment is decided. He is going to wait because it is a long-term bet, but it is already significant that despite his youth He is going to stay this season in the first team.

Very familiar, to see him separated from his father you have to be almost in training because these first days he is almost always with his family. She arrives with his father and leaves with him.

But beyond his next, Carlo Ancelotti He has already taken out the glove so that the kid feels comfortable. Has surprised in Valdebebas also the connection that has arisen between the student and the teacher. One of Carletto’s specialties is undoubtedly his ability to understand their players, also the youngest, and Güler feels comfortable and covered.

The magic triangle of Madrid: Bellingham, Brahim and Güler mark the training

On a purely footballing level, just one training session with the ball was enough to see the details of the Turk’s genius. “He has a gift”, they also comment from inside Valdebebas, where he is already compared to the extreme with other golden lefties and some see support movements that are reminiscent of Messi. Like different footballers, “look before passing the ball, not during”point out from the City of Real Madrid.

Listening and rather shy

Güler is in that learning process. It has not taken time to draw the footballer in its entirety, just some brushstrokes, but they see that he is a shy but determined boy, with some first gestures that have surprised him because they totally distance him from the boy who is conceited and devoured by his surroundings.

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