Real Madrid: Ancelotti calls on Brazil to make clear the absolute priority of Real Madrid


JAlong with the future of Kylian Mbapp, that of Carlo Ancelotti has become one of the soap operas of the summer. The Italian, as MARCA reported at the time, has not had any doubts regarding his future and that declared admiration and devotion towards Real Madrid. The coach has raised his happiness with returning to work and feeling the shield of the Madrid entity on his chest, something that does not have an expiration date. And to make it very clear, the coach has called the CBF to clear up any doubts regarding his commitment to Real Madrid.

The uproar caused by the public statement by the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation that Carlo Ancelotti was going to be in charge of lead the five-time world champion in the 2024 Copa América, situation that clashes with his current commented performance of Real Madrid. Many once again anticipated the arrival of the Italian on the Brazilian bench and others questioned that of the crossed interests, something totally incompatible with the mentality of the European champion twice with the white eleven.

The first person surprised was the coach of the Madrid team, who had no choice but to talk to Ednaldo Rodrigues to make it clear that his absolute priority is Real Madrid, both in the present and in the future. With a season ahead of his contract, an Italian, what he has done has been to speak with the CBF in case of a hypothetical goodbye to the Madrid entity. It hasn’t happened since then. There is an understanding, but no contract, a circumstance that Ancelotti himself clarified in his first press conference in what would be his fifth season at the helm of the white ship.

Constant knowledge of Real Madrid

All the movements that Carlo Ancelotti has made with the CBF have been communicated to Real Madrid on time and on time. Even Rodrigues spoke with José Ángel Sánchez to tell him about the situation. Now that the president of the CBF has been asked to lower the tone of the statements and the tone of pressure towards the figure of Ancelotti.

The leaders of Real Madrid did not understand this statement by Rodrgues, but the truth is that the waters have returned to their course and the season, both for one and for others, is full of incentives with the current squad, waiting for the market closes next August 31st. There is full confidence of the players that Carlo Ancelotti already trains. As there is also in the work of the coach. No option is ruled out. Once again in football, the one who marks the future of one and the other. Brazil already knows what to expect and as they told Ancelotti, they wait until June 30, 2024.

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