Real Madrid: A summer on the job: Bernabu reaches its final stretch


Lavoiding in full heart of Madridbetween the noisy traffic of the Castilian and the characteristic heat of the capital, well into July, is the epicenter and nucleus of all Madridismo, the Santiago Bernabú. A stadium that, at present, It looks more like the Colosseum in Rome.since inside you can sense architectural remains that witnessed epic feats and battles. An enclosure of which hardly anything remains of what it was in its daybut that keeps on giving life to all those legends that occurred in the The merengue temple has gradually collapsed to make way for one of the biggest and best stadiums in the world. A building that goes beyond the ordinary and that aims to become a cult center for the white team.

The outer layers of the Santiago Bernabú.BRAND

The beginning of the works dates back to the year 2019 and, despite not meeting the deadlines initially established, the new Santiago Bernabu reaches its final stretch and it seems that it will be in December when its inauguration will take place. The works are advancing at a good pace, something that can be seen especially outside the stadium. The stainless steel laminate that covers it is practically finished. Images, videos and light shows can be projected onto it. Nothing remains of the four towers that surrounded the enclosure and which have given way to new pedestrian and commercial areas that are still inaccessible.

From Madrid to the sky

Once inside, the view inevitably tends towards the sky. Any spectator is forced to contemplate the immense canopy that focuses on the retractable roof that will cover the entire stadium. An element that left me self-absorbed until the very mbapp. The roof will be able to roof the Bernabu in just 15 minutes. In addition, the structure of the 360 ​​video scoreboard is being built It will surround the entire playing field and it will be hanging from the ceiling, but it has not been installed yet.

The roof of the new Bernab

The roof of the new Bernabu from inside.BRAND

The grass has turned from a green carpet on which the players paraded, to mountains of earth and sand over which machinery passes. underneath it hides the famous tunnel to allow the pitch to rest, which has caused so many headaches this season. The field will fold into several plates and hide in the basement of Chamartn. The main objective is to keep it in perfect condition. But also, this mobility will allow you to take advantage of the venue for other shows. Among them, the already announced Taylor Swift concert on May 30, 2024, which will be the first non-soccer event to be held in the new white stadium.

Take a seat, but not the same

Embracing the game rectangle, they will be about seats that have undergone and will undergo modifications. The seats will go from light blue to a dark ‘navy’ blue, a transformation that has already begun in some vomitories. In addition, The old locations that reflected the letters of Real Madrid have been replaced to make way for new ones with other characters. Currently, the workers are working, among other things, with the seats of the first ring of one of the funds.

New seats at the Santiago Bernabé

New seats of the Santiago Bernabu.BRAND

But the new Bernabu is not limited to what can be seen with the naked eye. Within its walls, there are numerous intricacies that will give rise to shops, restaurants, shops and, especially, the New Bernabú Museum.. This is being built in what is known as Vigas Museo. It will have three levels and an additional terrace. Inside, all the trophies, titles, and historical shirts will be enabled. Also, have interactive and 3D elements that will make everyone who visits participate and live a totally different experience. It is expected to be open to the public throughout this summer, with no set date.

The mecca of Real Madrid

Despite not being able to visit the new museum, the changing rooms or go down to the pitch, no one wants to miss out on seeing the state of the Bernabu before the works are fully completed. And it is that, the white temple continues to be an enclosure of international tourist interest that brings together madridistas from all over the world. Some as Daniel and Bryan, father and soneither, came specifically from El Salvador to visit the Bernabu. “When it’s finished, it’s going to be spectacular. The roof has surprised us,” both said.

hallucinated they were also Umberto, Norma and Marguerite. Three brothers who had traveled from Ecuador to fulfill their dream of seeing the white stadium. The family was sitting glimpsing the work in one of the sectors that are enabled for the public. “It’s beautiful on the outside and inside. You can stay for hours staring at it. We want to see it finished,” explains Umberto. All of them are looking forward to celebrating a goal with the field full and finished. Something that they will be able to accomplish sooner rather than later.

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