R. Madrid – Celta: Asensio’s left foot serves a quiet victory to Madrid

Lhe management of Ancelotti, that quality that his detractors use to reduce merits, is very much to blame in this Madrid. His ability to handle Asensio, Ceballos or Camavinga, footballers who are not indisputable, has put them in a position to lead the team in matches with their difficulty. The three were brilliant against Celta, who noted the casualties and the lack of forcefulness. Bernabu finally enjoyed a victory without surprises

With the aftertaste of victory at Stanford Bridge, Real Madrid returned to LaLiga with a competitive lineup. Nobility obliges. Only Valverde remained in midfield, while Asensio was the only novelty up front. A mixture of rests and reinforcements that Ancelotti considered adequate to plug into the competition, due to what happened at the Camp Nou between Bara and Atlético. The reality is that Madrid entered the clash in energy saving mode, letting the minutes slip by. A lot of possession and little risk, except in Vinicius’ forays, who accepts each play as a challenge.

Celta de Carvalhal does not have many incentives left in the season. Away from the fight for Europe after the defeat against Mallorca, he has lost effervescence. Of course, when the Portuguese coach arrived, the rope was really tightening, and the appearance of the team is promising. With a midfielder like Beltrán and a pivot standing out as a center back, Renato Tapia, the Galician team seemed to have an ambitious game plan, but they hardly sewed any plays. Gabri Veiga was expected and he left interesting aspects, long stride and high head, but Celta depends so much on Iago Aspas that when he can’t find him he vanishes. In the middle of the game, not a shot between the sticks, and only one noteworthy arrival, a pass behind Moaa’s that did not find Seferovic or Veiga, although it was canceled due to an illegal position.

It has already been said that the rhythm of Madrid was very low, but little by little the intensity rose to steal in the Celtic field. Much of the blame lay with Dani Ceballos, who drew attention with his imperial pass that unblocked the game. The quality of the ball placed inside Kevin is indisputable and worth the price of a ticket, but it is important not to underestimate his work in recovery, spectacular. The utreran was the origin of the 1-0, on the brink of rest, in Madrid’s only shot on goal. He linked up with VInicius, overflowing, who served behind and finished off Asensio with a left-footed whiplash. In the renewal contract, Madrid should include a clause that obliges them to shoot at goal three times per game.

The break invited Carvalhal to make the first change. I removed Solari, touched, by Cervi. Without time to check the effect, Madrid doubled the rent. Already in the first half, White’s superiority in the corners was intuited, especially in Asensio’s bananas from the right. They are a candy. Militao entered like a plane and impeccably headed into the net. A lot of distance. on the scoreboard and on the green.

Ancelotti moved the bench, but did not exhaust the changes. I left the whole game to Benzema, who drew a beautiful play with Vinicius and Asensio. How are the machines. In that section, talk about Camavinga, a wonder. Physical and technical, overflowing as a winger, in the middle… He was given to catch Aspas in a breakaway from 10 with a clear advantage, Meanwhile, Celta sought to get into the game because they have players with a good footing. His clearest move was signed by Iago, who got away from Nacho and faced Courtois. The Belgian opened his arms, held the feint and blocked the shot. Colossal. Thibaut got angry at the voltage drop in his colleagues. With part of reason. Madrid felt that they were not in danger, they sought to increase the income, especially so that Karim scored more goals, without luck. I enjoyed a calm victory that maintains the winning inertia against a soft rival. I will have to work to tie permanence.

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