Questions and answers about the prison without bail for Alves: why is there a risk of flight?


D.ani Alves has spent his first night locked up in the Brians 1 jail. The former Bara winger is credited with an alleged crime of sexual assault which, for now, has already led to his entry into provisional prison without bail by order of the head of the trial court number 15 of Barcelona.

What is Alves accused of?

The winger has been accused of a crime of sexual assault. According to the statement of the victim, who the investigating judge considers “forceful and persistent”, the player forced her into a bathroom located in a private area of ​​the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on the night of December 30 to 31.

Why is there a flight risk with Dani Alves?

The judge appreciates that thereflight risk by the footballer and, with this, there is the possibility “of escaping legal action.” The magistrate supports it for himAlves’ economic capacity, his dual Brazilian and Spanish nationality and because he resides in Mexico. In addition, Brazil does not have extradition agreements with Spain, which would increase the risk that the footballer will try to flee from Spanish justice and take refuge in his country of origin without the option of Brazil sending him back.

Alves is transferred to Brians 1 prison.

To what pains is he exposed?

Dani Alves faces an alleged crime of assault. After the last legislative modification by the ‘Law of yes is yes’, the penalties range from four to twelve years in prison when the aggression consists of carnal access through the vaginal, anal or oral route.

What does Dani Alves declare?

The footballer acknowledges that he was at the disco, but maintains that for a short space of time and denies the sexual assault attributed to him by the victim. A story that, in the opinion of the investigating judge, incurs contradictions with the evidence collected by the Mossos, that they have questioned several witnesses, among them the security personnel of the Sutton nightclub. They have also collected biological samples in the sink in which the events allegedly occurred and have viewing security cameras from the premises

What measures has your current club adopted?

Pumas have fired Dani Alves after his admission to prison. The president of the Mexican club, Leopoldo Silvaconfirmed at a press conference that they are rescinding the defense’s contract because Pumas “is an institution that promotes respect, honest, dignified and professional behavior on and off the field of its players and players because they are a role model in their lives in Mexico and anywhere in the world and we cannot allow the conduct of any person to harm this philosophy of work”.

Have there been other active footballers imprisoned in Spain?

Recently, three have been the cases that have ended with active footballers sentenced to prison terms. Villarreal’s central defender, Rubn Semedo, was sentenced by the Provincial Court of Valencia, to a sentence of five years in prison for crimes of kidnapping, robbery, injuries and illegal possession of weapons. He stayed 142 days in Picassent prison.

The Levante player Too García spent three weeks in the Teruel prison accused of one crime of money laundering and another of belonging to a criminal organization within the framework of an extortion network.

The front Santí Mina, for his part, he has been sentenced to four years in prison. The player has appealed the sentence and the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia agreed that he remain free pending the progress of the process, pending a clarification of the sentence requested by the soccer player’s lawyer and the appeals announced against the first ruling. The player signed for a club in Saudi Arabia and the court does not consider that there is a risk of flight.

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