PSOE and Podemos clash again after Belarra’s criticism of distribution


The scuffle between PSOE and Unidas Podemos has increased in recent days. In addition to the criticism of the Minister for Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, about the distribution businessmen, her rejection of the possibility of Spain sending battle tanks to Ukraine has been added. According to Belarra, this situation will only contribute to a “war escalation“and could have a “unpredictable and dangerous” response by Russia, as a nuclear power.

This was expressed during his speech at the conference ‘Materializing social rights: progress and challenges’, organized by EAPN Spain and collected by Europa Press. Belarra’s position comes after the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolanoshas advanced in the Informative Breakfasts of Europa Press that the head of Defense, Margarita Robles, will explain “in full detail the decision” about whether tanks will be provided and highlight that Spain has “international commitments” with their allies. “Many experts are alerting us that the deployment of Leopard tanks would only contribute to the escalation of the war and could have an unpredictable and very dangerous response from Russia. Peace will be born by negotiating and de-escalating and that is where we should find Spain”, Belarra has sentenced.

“Many experts are warning us that the deployment of Leopard tanks will only contribute to the escalation of the war”

Call for a public intervention of food

On the other hand, Belarra has maintained his bet again this Wednesday so that food prices are intervened by the Government. The objective of one of the leaders of Unidas Podemos is for the shopping basket to return to the prices it was before the war. In addition, she has taken the opportunity again to charge against the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig. “There is no proper name, no matter how pompous, that is above the right of the people to have healthy food at affordable prices. I want to remember that since the bipartisanship ended, In Spain there is no longer anyone nameless, neither has Mr. Juan Roig”, Belarra reiterated in an act of the European Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Spanish State (EAPN-ES), and which is collected by Europa Press.

As he has said, “Well-being is generated when harsh crises are not taken advantage of economic to fatten the income statement at the expense of the people”Therefore, the Government will continue to work on structural measures to shape and make ever stronger “that protection network that is social rights”. For the minister, the Government has shown in this legislature that public intervention in the economy It is the one that proposes the “most effective measures”, such as, in his opinion, the cap on gas or the intervention in rental prices have resulted.

“That is why we are now also proposing public intervention in food prices, fixing their amount at what they had before the war and accompanying this measure with aid to small businesses,” he specified. Likewise, Belarra has considered it essential to move towards a guaranteed income “that leave behind the problems and deficiencies” of the Minimum Vital Incomethe implementation of which, he stressed, has been a very important step, but which today needs “more ambition, less bureaucracy and more scope”.

“In Spain there is no longer anyone nameless, neither is Mr. Roig”

For all this, the minister has advocated leading this process at a European level and has considered the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which is held in the second half of this year, an “enormous opportunity”. “The worse the situation, the more public institutions must do. It is the State that must promote the necessary public intervention tools at all times to guarantee these rights”, concluded Belarra, aware that there is still a long way to go.

Reyes Maroto’s response

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has said in reference to the criticism of Minister Ione Belarra to businessmen that “signposting is not good” and has asked him to “work more” with the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture to try to “lower food prices”. “I would ask the minister to work more perhaps with the Ministry of Commerce, which has dialogue with the value chain, also with the Ministry of Agriculture. We are working with the value chain, also demanding an effort from all companies to that food prices can be lowered,” Maroto told the media and reported Efe.

In addition, Maroto has highlighted the “discreet” work of his ministry in this regard and has urged to “calm down the debate”, since he is convinced that the action of the Government, with measures such as the drop in VAT on certain basic foods , “it will make it possible to lower those prices”. “I I think pointing is not good. What we have to do is collaborate “, he added in direct reference to Belarra for his criticism of businessmen such as the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig.

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