PP, Sumar and VOX unite in their rejection of Sánchez’s controversial Housing Law


The housing problem in Spain is a reality. Currently there are difficulties in finding land to build on, the sector suffers from a lack of labor, and prices have risen to more than 2,000 euros per square meter. All these edges have difficult access to rental or purchase housing and To solve it, the Government of Pedro Sánchez launched the Law for the Right to Housing, which came into force in May of this year. This regulation generated both support and rejection in the political and sectoral world, but now, facing the general elections on July 23, the discontent has deepened. In the new political programs, all the parties that appear – except the PSOE that seeks to promote it – propose modifications or even repeal it in their programs for the general elections.

The Popular Party was the first to present it and it includes different measures related to housing. However, when it comes to the Law, they settle: “We will repeal the Housing Law, which has generated legal uncertainty and does not solve any of the underlying problems of the housing market.” For this, the candidate representing the PP, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, proposes, as he did a few months ago, create a state pact on housing that includes the participation of the CCAAs and local entities. His idea will be to deliver solutions to “guarantee rational use of land, build homes at more affordable prices, mobilize rental housing and deepen the rehabilitation of the existing stock”.

For its part, the party headed by Yolanda Díaz, Add, does not seek to eliminate it, but to add more points to the regulations. These are mainly the amendments proposed by Mas País and Más Madrid at the time the law was processed and which were rejected by the Executive: “We will establish limitations on tourist, room and seasonal rentals so that they do not become an option that bypasses the application of the Housing Law”. In particular, the program adds a clause that ensures that they will modify the law to include mandatory social rent for large holders. Likewise, it advocates imposing dation in payment, or obligations of result for public administrations in matters of alternative housing in the face of evictions.

In addition, in their document ‘A program for you’ they include the mobilization of Sareb land in coordination with the Autonomous Communities; an effective regulation of rental prices and the development of a penalty system. Additionally, they will reform the system of tax incentives of the current Law, fiscally benefiting owners who rent their homes at a price equal to or below the reference index, established based on 30% of the income of households that rent. Likewise, it will compulsorily implement one of the ‘star’ and most criticized measures of the regulations: “We will make the declaration of a stressed market area mandatory in the geographical areas in which the requirements established by the Housing Law are objectively met , thus applying the rental regulation to all areas with a stressed market without depending on the political will of the regional government”.

VOX’s position is tougher. “Far from remedying this situation, Pedro Sánchez has approved a disastrous Housing Law that ignores the real problems in this area and their causes,” says the program vox. For the same reason, the document states that will repeal the Law for the right to housing because “it will not contribute to achieving more affordable housing, will sink the rental market, alters the essential content of the right to property enshrined in Article 33 of the Constitution and protects illegal occupation. The party seeks to improve current housing conditions with the construction of public social housing, and wants to encourage collaboration between the Public Administration and private entities for the purpose of increasing the publicly protected housing stock, among other measures.

For his part, he PSOE, has launched proposals that focus on tackling the problem of access to accommodation. But regarding the law intends to deploy it to achieve various objectives. Among them, promoting the energy efficiency of neighborhoods and cities from equity and social justice; they will approve a strategic plan to promote rural housing; they will promote rehabilitation programs and develop public parks for affordable housing and that encourage social renting. All measures that are already included in the current regulations approved by the Government.

Squatting in the Housing Law

one point The most criticized of the current Housing Law was by the squatters. Various agents of the sector and politicians claimed that this regulation “benefited” and “encouraged” illegal squatting in Spain. In the PP program there are several measures to combat this problem. First of all expedite evictions so that they are carried out within 24 hours from the moment of the request, and in the event that it is flagrante delicto, an immediate eviction will be carried out. For this they propose to create a municipal technical office apart from creating units of the State security forces and bodies, specialized in the fight against squatting. Sumar does not mention squatting in his program.

While Vox also proposes a program with zero tolerance for illegal occupation and ‘disquiet’. To do this, they will reform both the Criminal Code and the Criminal and Civil Procedure Laws to really and effectively protect the owners who suffer the action of the occupation mafias or the illegal entry of a squatter into their home. Like the PP, Santiago Abascal’s party assures that will exempt the owners of illegally squatted properties from paying the IBI during the occupation period. Pedro Sánchez promises to fight against “mafia structures that commit crimes with housing occupations and alter the life of the communities.” To this end, they will improve the efficiency of judicial procedures, and in particular The regulatory legislative reform will be promoted to guarantee that the squatters are evicted within a maximum period of 48 hours. “We will defend private property against these conflictive and illegal occupations.”

Proposals to help mortgaged people in trouble rescue deductions and bonuses

Aid and bonuses

Many of the initiatives proposed by the Executive a few months ago were taken as “electoral measures” because they were launched in the middle of the regional and municipal election campaign on May 28. Among them was the ICO guarantee of 20% for families and young people who wanted to become independent. Sumar will increase the rental aid by improving the management of the youth rental bonus to guarantee the monthly payment to the beneficiaries and we will establish a bonus to help those with mortgages. It will also promote an emergency bonus for the purchase of habitual residence Aimed at households with variable mortgages. It will be for 1,000 euros and will benefit households that have mortgaged at a variable rate in the last ten years for an amount of up to 250,000 euros, and a purchase price of up to 300,000 euros.

The PP proposes a guarantee program for young people up to 35 years of age to guarantee the granting of mortgage loans for a value of up to 95% of the total. Vox will promote the construction of public social housing to enhance the access of young people to housing, but it does not speak of monetary aid or mortgage facilities. The party that currently governs Spain has committed to greater collaboration with financial institutions for savings accounts for young people so that they remain tax exempt up to 30,000 euros so that they can access the acquisition of their first home, in addition to the guarantees already named in their pre-campaign for the 28-M elections.

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