Pedro Sánchez dismisses as “exclusive” those who mobilize this Saturday in Madrid against his policy



“Whoever wants to know what a hypothetical government of Feijo and Abascal would do in Spain, all they have to do is see what Maueco does,” he says at the presentation of the socialist candidates for mayor of Castilla y León.

  • Massive march against the Government to the cry of “Sánchez dictator”: “It is not about left, right or center. It is about defending democracy”

The President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, dedicated his speech at the presentation of the Socialist candidates for mayoralty in Castile and Leónto mark the differences between his policy and the one that, in his opinion, would be launched by a Feijo Executive with Abascal. sanchez has agitated the message of fear before an electoral triumph of the PP that opens the doors of the Moncloa and has not missed the opportunity to criticize the thousands of people who are demonstrating today in Madrid in defense of the constitution and against their policies, assuring that it is the mobilization of “the exclusive ones”.

“Whoever wants to know what a hypothetical government of Feijo Y abascal in Spain one only has to see what Maueco is doing in Castilla y León”. At this point, at the beginning of his intervention at the presentation of the socialist candidates to the different Castilian Leonese mayors, he accused the Government of the Junta of being ” obsessed” with the rights of women to restrict them and has assured that he “is not going to allow it”.

sanchez He has affirmed that, after winning the motion of censure, he received “a country in a critical state” undermined by the derivatives of the financial crisis, by corruption and “territorially bankrupt” because the PPin his opinion, “did absolutely nothing” in the face of the challenge of the independence movement and has not hesitated to repeat that, between the demonstration of the “nostalgic” secessionists, held last Thursday in Barcelona coinciding with the Spanish-French Summit, and the constitutionalist mobilization, convened today in Madrid, situates “the immense majority of Spaniards”. In his opinion, the concentration of Cybele is that of the “exclusive”.

The socialist leader, after these reflections, has preferred to focus on the increase in pensions, the increase in scholarships, the labor reform, the cultural bonus for young people who turn 18 or rent aid. “We are committed to the people and we will put all the resources of the State in favor of the social majority of the country” and, he added, “not as the PP who was very strong with the weak and very weak with the powerful”.

In his opinion, the right “serves minority interests” and offers the majority “every man for himself.” from there, sanchez He has asked his candidates to explain the differences between the right-wing government and his in areas such as unemployment, social dialogue, labor legislation, wages… “They wanted”, he said, referring to Rajoy’s Executive, “an unequal Spain”.

Next, the President of the Government has asked that the success of his policies be recognized and has assured that Spainin this new year it will be the one that leads the economic growth in Europeahead of passes like France Y Germany.

Sánchez has asked the PP to vote “yes” to the decree on measures to alleviate inflation that will be submitted for validation of the Congress this week that includes a VAT reduction for certain foods and the extension of the public transport subsidy.

The general secretary of the PSOE expressed himself in these terms in an act in Valladolid together with the general secretary of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudancain which the socialist candidates for the provincial capitals of Castile and Leon.

Belarra sees “coup strategy”

The leader of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarrahas affirmed that the controversy with the attempt to launch anti-abortion measures in Castilla y León adds to a reactionary movement at the international level against the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, whose germ is the revocation decreed by the supreme court of the United States against that right.

He has also warned that there is a “resurgence of the coup strategy” of the right, “wild” in the face of the progressive measures that its formation promotes, within the Executive.

Maueco: “Sánchez, without scruples”

The President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernndez Mauecohas raised this Saturday his criticisms of the head of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez-who has participated in a party event in Valladolid- and, in a tweet, has said: “he is an unscrupulous man” and “he lies again”.

“Instead of coming to Valladolid to apologize for his harassment of Castilla y León, Sánchez, an unscrupulous man, lies again”, is the brief tweet that appears on Fernández Maueco’s twitter shortly after the Prime Minister It was asked at the PSOE event “what problem” the PP and Vox have with women and why “they insist on perpetuating gender inequality”.

Fernndez Maueco added that “those who are responsible for the “only yes is yes” law and have reduced sentences for more than 200 sexual offenders cannot give us lessons.”

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