New Zero Rate for the self-employed in Murcia: requirements in 2023


Those Murcian entrepreneurs who register for the first time in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) they will not have to pay the Social Security contribution during the first 24 months. This is established by the Comprehensive Self-Employment Strategy 2022-2025 signed by the Government of Fernando Lopez Miras. The plan has an endowment of 140 million in four years with which it aspires to encourage the number of members of RETA, from 102,800 to 110,000 by 2025. It also aims to increase the representation of women in business by 10%, so that it reaches 40% of the total. The program is the product of a broad negotiation between the Executive and the self-employed associations ATA, UATAE and UPTA, the CCOO and UGT unions and Croem.

The Self-Employment Strategy includes 55 actions aimed at “guaranteeing the training, digitization and incorporation of entrepreneurs into self-employment”. Until now, the ‘Zero Rate’ was limited to young people and the long-term unemployed, but for next year it will be extended to all groups. Thus, the item for the payment of Social Security contributions will go from 3.2 million euros to 10.8 million, with the purpose of facilitating the creation of their own businesses. The self-employed are one of the sectors that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis. The reforms that the central government has been undertaking over the last two years, such as the new strike for the self-employed, seek precisely to mitigate that impact.

There are only three communities that will carry out this bonus, with the firm purpose of complementing state aid and generating the best conditions for attracting and retaining talent. Unlike the ‘Flat Rate’, the future rate reduction is stable and not progressive. In this sense, the self-employed in Murcia, Andalusia and Madrid who can access it will have an annual saving of 960 euros.

Requirements to request the ‘Zero Fee’

The conditions are similar in the Region of Murcia to the rest of the autonomies that propose this discount, as announced by the president of the community two months ago. You must access the Electronic Headquarters Y meet the same requirements ordered in the ‘Flat Rate’. Although, the call is not yet open. Among the requirements to apply for it are not having outstanding accounts with the Treasury or Social Security, not having been registered as self-employed in the last two years and not being a self-employed collaborator. The fee will be extended during their second year as long as they charge below the SMI and everything indicates that will be retroactive to include the self-employed who have registered before the call is launched.

The management can be done through the Social Security website or in person. The interested party must identify himself through the digital certificate, cl@ve pin either permanent cl@veor via SMS. Regarding the documentation to be submitted, the regional administrations will be able to check the valid DNI of the applicant or the updated Labor Life report.

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