Negreira case: Real Madrid answers Laporta: “Which is the Regime’s team?”


Sweeks after the press uncovered the payments from FC Barcelona to the former vice president of the CTA, Enriquez Negreira, Joan Laporta showed his face in a massive press conference where he would presumably clarify all doubts.

Beyond talking about the case, the president of Barcelona has pointed directly to Real Madrid. Laporta does not share that the white club appeared as a private accusation and did not hesitate to stir up the team he presides over Florentino Perez: “I want to refer to a club that says it feels harmed. A club that has always been favored by arbitration decisions. It has been considered the team of the Regime. Due to its proximity to political, economic power… I think it is worth remembering that for 7 decades, most of the presidents of the CTA have been ex-partners, ex-players or ex-directors of Real Madrid. For 70 years, the people who designated those who had to deliver justice on the pitch were ex-partners, ex-players or ex-directors of Real Madrid. In some cases, all this at the same time… That this club comes forward and says that it feels harmed by the best sporting period in the history of FCB… This trial will serve to unmask them. It is an unprecedented exercise in cynicism,” Laporta said.

The two minutes of Laporta’s historic crack against Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s response: “Who was really the Regime team?”

as it progressed BRAND, Real Madrid was not going to remain silent. Through a video broadcast on the club’s official television they have replied to the message in which Laporta says that “Real Madrid is the team of the Regime”. They explain in the video that Barcelona awarded Franco with three medals and recall that he was named an honorary member of the club in 1965.

They also say in the RMTV video that the Camp Nou was inaugurated by Franco’s general minister José Solís Ruíz and that Barcelona was saved three times from bankruptcy with three reclassifications by Franco. All this in a piece in which they also review the 8 Leagues and 9 Generalissimo Cups that Barcelona won during the Regime and do not forget that it took Real Madrid 15 years to win a League.

To finish, the report recalls a few words from the president Santiago Bernabéu: “When I hear that Real Madrid has been the Regime’s team, it makes me want to shit on the father of the person who says so”.

After a first broadcast of the video at 9:30 p.m. this Monday on the program Real Madrid Connectthe club has published it on its official social networks, where it has quickly gone viral.

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