Mortgages become more expensive and mixed mortgages offer more competitive interest


The average interest on mortgages, including fixed and variableIt has been shot up to 4.67%compared to 2.76% in 2022, and in the case of loans with links, interest has gone from 2.32% to 4.29%according to the IV Mortgage Barometer prepared by Asufin.

In its study, the consumer association points out that at the moment the mixed mortgagewhich offers the more competitive interest rates: the average rate is 4.55% and with links it remains at 4.17%, only four hundredths more expensive than the average for fixed mortgages.

Refering to reverse mortgage, the main novelty that Asufin observes is that a new entity has started to operate, EBN Banco, and it does so in a different way: delivering capital and not income. In any case, consumers back in their intention to mortgage in the current situation, due to the uncertainty about the rise in the Euribor and in a context of a more expensive mortgage market.

Mortgage intention falls

This brake, explains Asufin, affects, above all, the Habitual housingcompared to other types such as acquiring a property for investment. The 17% of those surveyed admit that they were considering a mortgage for their first home and now back offcompared to last year’s data, of 3.4%.

Faced with this, the Housing as an investment gains positions, and goes from representing 22% of the preferences when contracting a mortgage last year to now accounting for 49%. The first habitual residence represented 65% the previous year and now it remains at 26% of the preferences.

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