More than 70% of the elderly are satisfied with the service of the banks


The services and customer service that people over 65 receive at bank branches are increasingly valued by them. 71.6% of the elderly population is satisfied, according to a survey carried out by Inmark to which Europa Press has had access.

The percentages have been exposed according to the best valued by those over 65 years of age. This is the case of personal manager (81.1%)while behind is the mobile banking (75.6%), Internet banking (74.7%), ATM (73.2%) and branch (71.6%). Despite the fact that the elderly are satisfied with the attention they receive in the office, it is in last place when compared to the rest of the positions.

On the other hand, highlights the telephone banking service, with which 59.4% are satisfied. 22.6% express a neutral level of satisfaction and 18% say they are little or not at all satisfied with the service. In addition, 70.8% of those over the age of 65 say they feel safe or autonomous when doing business with their entity. And they state that a vast majority of the group is aware of the measures promoted by the banks to reinforce their social and sustainable commitment, although 30% admit that it does not sound familiar.

Are there missing measures to complete the percentage of satisfaction?

In any case, when this part of the population is mentioned to the different measures that have been put in place by banks to receive improvements in customer satisfaction, 62% of the elderly acknowledge having perceived improvements derived from, at least least one of these measures.

The survey highlights that 89.4% of the elderly can successfully complete their efforts in digital channels. This means that the specific experience with the entity “tends to be well valued by the majority of older people”. This survey confirms the firm commitment of the banks with the clientespecially the elderly and people with different abilities, informed Europa Press in financial sources.

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