Moncloa endorses that those convicted by the process request the review of their sentences or the acquittal



“Now what is appropriate is for the Supreme Court, the Second Chamber, to proceed to review the sentence of disqualification because the prison sentence has already been pardoned,” recalls Bolaos.

Flix Bolaos, on Sunday, in an appearance at the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz.Sergio PérezEFE
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The reform of penal code that the Government promoted, with the repeal of the crime of sedition and the reduction of penalties in the type of embezzlement, gives and foot to one of the objectives that it had: that those convicted of the processes They can request a reduction in their sentences and even have their lawyers consider requesting an acquittal. A movement expected by the Government and that the Moncloa endorse it, since this was one of the goals of a reform that bothers the PSOE.

“It is logical that those condemned by the processes ask for the review of sentence and even the acquittal. The classification of the events that occurred in 2017 has been modified”, stated the Minister of the Presidency, Flix Bolaos, architect of this reform of the Penal Code. When this request for reduced sentences or even acquittal is consumed, information that has advanced the countrythe decision will be in the hands of the Supreme Court, which was precisely the one who imposed the sentences on these leaders of the processes in the trial for 1-O.

“Now what proceeds is that the Supreme Court, the Second Roomproceed to review the disqualification sentence because the prison sentence has already been pardoned”, Bolaos has developed. Indeed, a first step in this dejudicialization process agreed between the Government and ERC already took place in June 2021, when the Council of Ministers granted this measure of grace to those convicted of October 1. A year later, in the summer of 2022, both parties agreed to advance in the reform of the Criminal Code, touching on sedition and embezzlement, something that was consummated in Congress at the end of from December.

This reform was of vital importance to ERC. There are about thirty charges that can benefit from it by seeing the disqualification reduced for the embezzlement to which they were sentenced. From Oriol Junqueras, Ral Romeva, Jordi Turull or Dolors Bassa to the 21 charges and former charges of the Government, technicians and businessmen who have a trial date pending. In the case of Junqueras, a reduction or an acquittal would allow him to stand in the next regional elections.

The Government maintains its argument that this reform has been made to “Europeanize” these criminal offenses and not as a pact with ERC, despite its evidence, as this newspaper has been reporting. “The sedition penalties were absolutely disproportionate and that explained why no European court agreed with Spain. Now the penalties are European and the Penal Code can now be applied in Spain and in Europe.”

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