Mercedes-Benz will pay a bonus of 7,300 euros to 93,000 employees


The board of directors of Mercedes-Benz has approved the payment of a profit-sharing bonus to the company of 7,300 euros to around 93,000 employees of the company in Germanywhich represents an increase of 21.6% in relation to the amount distributed in 2021, which amounted to 6,000 euros.

The bonus, which is the highest in the company’s history, will be added to next April’s payroll of eligible employees, the automaker has reported. The payment of this participation in the results supposes a ddisbursement of around 679 million of euros.

“In 2022, the Mercedes-Benz team once again proved that the company can be very successful even in a challenging environment with continuous shortages of semiconductors, logistics bottlenecks, regional Covid measures and geopolitical uncertainty”, has valued the company, which has appreciated the performance of its workers in this context.

“To thank employees for these achievements and their high level of flexibility, the company involves them in the company’s success with a record profit sharing bonus“, has added.

Mercedes-Benz has had a scheme for employee participation in the company’s profits since 1997 and the company’s management and the works council have agreed on a new system for calculating the bonus that will come into force as of this financial year . In fact, the cap of this payment until now was 6,465 euros.

“Despite all the challenges, the 2022 business year was marked by luck for Mercedes-Benz. A lot was demanded of our workforce under difficult conditions. In the last year, our colleagues have achieved a lot. After all, they are the ones who give their best every day and bring the company’s strategy to life. With profit sharing at a record level, we would like to express our special thanks for their enormous flexibility and tireless commitment,” said Chairman of the Mercedes-Benz General Works Council, Ergun Lumali.

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