Manchester United – Seville | Europa League: Sevilla dreams awake


Sevilla is the most unique club on the European scene. Not even in his worst season in the League in 20 years did he lose face in European competitions. He believes more than anyone in his options, no matter how much United crushed him in the first period like a vulgar team. The magic of the Sevilla players in the Europa League is that they are able to get up when no one expects them to. In a dizzying ending, the men of a happy Mendilibar scored two goals, with the collaboration of their rivals, and got fully involved again in a tie that they saw lost in the first part, when at 21 minutes they already fell by two goals. The things of Seville in Europe. Sometimes inexplicable; others, where the heart has more arguments than the head; and the last one, that when the history and weight of the shield in a tournament are present, there is no ball that stops what is to come. All open for within seven days.

Goal by Maguire (pp) (2-2) at Manchester United 2-2 Sevilla

Mendilibar jumped into a scenario as complex as Old Trafford with an eleven where reserved important pieces. He wanted to get out alive with some of the less commonGiven that the Mestalla final on Sunday matters a lot. With a new label, but with old vices, like going out without a striker as a reference. Without En-Nesyri it seems that a desert appears in terms of scoring references. Mendi ended up very angry with Rafa Mir in the few minutes he played against Celta. However, the absence of the classic ‘9’ always sends a message of caution which in certain scenarios can be deadly. Ten Hag was not going to have the same considerations as the Sevilla coach. room with everything Rashford’s loss was occupied by a Martial with a recent past at the Nervin club. And the game began with that notice that tells you that something is not as good as it should. Sancho scores after 25 seconds on a pass with the center backs, who don’t know how to stop the pass or stop the attacker. The English celebrates it, but is slightly ahead.

Goal by Sabitzer (1-0) in Manchester United 2-2 Sevilla

because the couple Nianzou and Marcao, the signings made in the summer to make us forget a mythical couple in Nervin, had never played together as a couple. They had done it in a trio with Sampaoli, but nothing as a couple. And it was found that one lacks rhythm (although he has plenty of character and impetus), while the Frenchman is too green to play in the elite that Sevilla needs. That warning from Sancho was the prelude to what was to come. Sabitzer, one of Ten Hag’s surprises in the eleven, playing ahead of Bruno, caught the first one he had: a filtered pass from the Portuguese and a goal from the Austrian, who is lucky that Marcao deflected the ball a bit. United were already ahead with very little. Each mistake by Sevilla was punished with five hungry wolves towards Bono’s goalkeeper. And the second goal was not long in coming. Nianzou’s mistake in a divided ball in the midfield so that the English would come out with people on all sides. No one notices Sabitzer, who re-enters the mid lane and takes advantage of a pass into space from Martial. Same photograph. Two goals and Mendilibar’s face of not knowing how to stop the bleeding.

Goal by Sabitzer (2-0) in Manchester United 2-2 Sevilla

At least, during the first period, Sevilla was somewhat more established, not letting Manchester United run so much, who also showed that they were vulnerable in defense. Ocampos entered every time he wanted to, but with no one to pass the ball to inside the area, since Lamela always looks for her as a striker, not as a center forward, the position from which she started. Sevilla felt that they could score, that the initial surge had momentarily passed. But he did not give in to the plan devised by Mendilibar, Rakitic had a free-kick in the front that went high, to end the first period with the clearest for the Andalusians. Crner that the Croatian dribbles and Nianzou’s header, which Varane took out under sticks. 2-0 at halftime. There was a long tie left, but Sevilla was touched. Too much. He had given away half an hour and United had made a major break for him.

Sevilla’s reaction

Antony woke up Sevilla again with a trademark shot at the start of the second period, with a shot at the long post, which just missed. It was like waking up from a somewhat peaceful dream, with a United that when the intensity drops Mendilibar’s team can compete. When he raises it, you have to hold on to whatever. Everything wobbles. Mendilibar brought Navas out onto the field to bite down both sides, with Ocampos on the left. It was evident that Manchester was worth that game plan, with the sterile dominance of the men in white and exits against the locals. The third was closer than the first of the Spanish. And Antony had it in a clear counter, where he left Marcao almost sitting down and this time put it right on the wood. He had come close to the goal, without hitting it for the second time.

Ten Hag changed his attack front, while Mendilibar gave his scorer, En-Nesyri, a little over 20 minutes. Sevilla, also with Suso, finally squeezed. A very offensive movement looking to get into the tie, although it could also end up mortally wounded. It was played to heads or tails. The sevillistas at least aspired for that goal to arrive at Snchez-Pizjun with some life. Malacia found a loose ball inside the area and Fernando had to intervene to remove his foot and avoid the third. Everything took place on a fine line between the final goodbye and the attempt to shorten the distance, although De Gea barely had to intervene. It was more the feeling of entering the wing with fluency than shots on goal. And there was no need.

Goal by Malacia (pp) (2-1) in Manchester United 2-2 Sevilla

An error by Malacia, letting the ball bounce inside the area, was caught by Navas just behind him in the bottom line, so that his low center entered the goal after touching the left side and also De Gea. Sevilla gets back into the quarterfinals. Above, Lisandro Martínez retired injured and without change the United. last minutes before ten. Nervin’s box was looking for an equalizer, something unthinkable in the first period.

En-Nesyri had a header just after 90 minutes, with six more of extra time. He took out a good hand from De Gea, while Mendilibar went with everything, with Papu Gmez on the grass. And in an Ocampos cross, after a corner, En-Nesyri headed for Maguire to deflect and put the ball in his goal. Sevilla had achieved the most difficult thing. He was going to leave Old Trafford more than alive in the tie, which must be decided in Nervin. He lived a nightmare and woke up on time. Because Sevilla always dreams awake in Europe. To get him out of his tournament it must be pushed. He doesn’t like to sleep. She runs away from nightmares. The great champions always daydream.

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