Look at the municipalities that have not completed them


Has it been difficult for you to be at a polling station? Don’t claim victory yet because unless ten days for general elections on July 23 many municipalities in Spain have not yet been able to complete the polling stations. This is due to the high number of allegations received, which is causing municipalities to consider solutions outside the norm such as repeat draws or place on the table first citizen come to vote.

The allegations that the town councils are receiving from people who wish to exempt themselves from their obligation to participate at the table are mainly for being older than 65 years or for having a contracted trip for the date of the elections before they were called.

On the other hand, the excuses to avoid participating in the electoral day as a table have also been given with justifications that they are not contemplated as valid, as family events, festivals and concerts or even be conscientious objector and refuse to do so on principle.

The first to arrive at the polling station… stay

In the province of Córdoba they are registering incidents to form the polling stations in practically all demarcations lawsuits due to the high volume of “excuses” and “allegations” that are received every day. The biggest problems are occurring especially in the municipality of Genil Bridgealthough they “trust” in being able to “square” them.

Despite this, in the demarcation of Priego de Cordoba go further: they do not rule out that even the early voters to get to the polling station have to occupy some of the posts Uncovered.

Repetitions of the draw in Ávila, Córdoba or Zumárraga

In Avilathis Friday they celebrate a new partial draw to designate the members of the tables that are missing, since the past June 22nd They named the people who would be part of them, but the Electoral Board has admitted so many allegations they have to repeat the draw.

In this way it is intended guarantee that in the affected tables there are no “drawbacks” on Sunday, July 23. In zumarraga (Gipuzkoa) and Aguilar de Frontera (Córdoba) the formation of the tables is not guaranteed eitherso they are already being held second draws in order to complete them.

Go to nearby towns in Madrid

The avalanche of allegations that has been registered in Madrid has forced some city councils, in their mostly smallnot only to Repeat again raffles among the citizens registered in that municipality, but they could even have to resort to the nearby towns to set your table.

As they have advanced to EFE, sources from the Electoral Board of the Madrid Zoneonly in the capital have they been registered almost 11,000 allegations in two weeks, of which it has resolved favorable 8,512 and has rejected 1,488 for now.

In Madrid capital it will not be necessary resort to a second lottery, since in the census there are almost a thousand people and all of them entered the draw on June 22, for which reason “roll list” when the claims are accepted.

Ponferrada, where only one of the 84 tables is complete

As of July 12, in Ponferrada (Leon) could only be completed one of the 84 polling stations and, although the president of the municipality’s Zone Electoral Board, Rodrigo Marcos Vian, admits that they are having more problems of the usual ones for the constitution of the tables, guarantees that the process is will complete normally because “there are means for it”.

“We are in a 60 percent of excuses admitted and a 40 percent dismissed”, explains Marcos Vian, who adds that, although the excuses are part of the “Spanish picaresque“, with ailments and injuries of all kinds, the most are justified.

“In the previous elections we finished constituting the 84 tables three days before of the votes, so on this occasion there is plenty of time to do it,” he says.

Wider raffles in the Valencian Community

From the Electoral Board of the Valencia area explain that the consistories have been carrying out wider draws than was usual for the composition of polling stations, precisely with the aim of having a wide reserveavoiding problems and carrying out second drawsan extreme to which it has not been necessary to resort.

In addition to having received allegations for having contracted vacationthe same sources assure that the claim by employees who they work in shiftsespecially of the health sectorwhose replacement in these summer months it’s not easy.

Problems in small municipalities of Murcia

The Mula Zone Electoral Board, which brings together eleven municipalities of the 45 that the Region of Murciahas admitted that he has encountered certain problems to Llocate and find to polling station members. The reason is that many neighbors already started their vacations and they are not in their habitual addresses.

This is the case Eyeswith only five hundred inhabitantsbut there are also difficulties in some municipalities that have less than 5,000 inhabitants, as Albudeite, Aledo, Campos del Río, Pliego, Ricote, Ulea and Villanueva del Río Segura.

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