Ligue 1: The millionaire Madrid account to sign Mbapp this summer


Kylian Mbapp He has already made it very clear that he wants to fulfill the remaining year of his contract with the psg and not execute in turn before July 31, when the term expires, the year of optional contract that it has. The PSG striker knows that from an economic point of view it is his best decision. What’s more, going out to Real Madrid this summer, unless PSG relents in their claims, and the white club presents them with a stratospheric offer, all that is to go to Madrid now is to lose money because it means giving up a contract with Qatar that is difficult to match.

To begin with, Mbapp earns 70 million gross salary per season (between 35 and 40 net since as he told in his day MARCA You cannot take advantage of the tax benefit for foreigners (regime of impatriation), and to this amount it is necessary to add two bonuses per campaign: 60 gross of the transfer bonus and another 60 gross of the loyalty bonus that is charged at the close of the summer or winter market. In total, another 120, which comes to be about 65 net. In short, Kylian takes about 100 million net per season that PSG gets about 200 gross at the end of each year on June 31. In three years, if the player were to execute the optional year, the French club will have to disburse about 600 million. It is normal for Macron to press for Kylian to stay because PSG leaves a million in the public coffers between the famous French social charges and the rest of taxes. In fact, the club has always complained to UEFA about the disadvantage it has when it comes to paying its players compared to the Spanish or English League.

The four scenarios that Mbapp faces

A complicated transfer

If Mbapp agreed to leave this summer, he would therefore give up this second year of his contract and it is very clear that Madrid is not going to pay him that amount per season. The problem is that Kylian will not be able to collect a transfer bonus either since he does not come free and it is an amount that comes to complete his salary on a file. Madrid, for example, offered her 25 million net last year plus a transfer bonus of 130, but there was no transfer fee to pay because she was released.

Therefore, it is also practically impossible for Real Madrid to tackle this operation if Mbapp makes it a condition not to lose money and PSG asks him for the transfer to recover at least the investment in salary from this last campaign, some 200 million gross. The whites will have to pay 400 million between salary for the first season and transfer, something unfeasible.

Mbappe: “Everything can happen in a year”

The only option: very low transfer and collect amounts from PSG for the next campaign

Time plays in favor of Real Madrid and Mbapp. The only way to make a transfer possible this summer is that, on the one hand, PSG ends up accepting a very low transfer, but Qatar does not have a reputation for giving in and he already took a risk once knowing that the footballer could go free and he ended up renewing last May. For Mbapp, the passing of time is good. If the transfer was made just before the market closed, he would have already received two monthly payments for July and August, about 12 million gross, and in principle he would have already accrued the transfer premium of 60 that is charged in July, so they are in overall 72. It would be cheaper for Madrid to complete Kylian’s salary in this first season.

The controversial letter

PSG, for the moment, insists that Mbapp will not go free and that he has also shown his willingness to leave through the letter he sent them two weeks ago. However, for the French club, time is important because it is not the same to plan the next campaign with or without its top star. and who was planning to set up the new project. If he left this summer, PSG would have more money to sign between what is saved in salary and with the amount that he would charge for a transfer.

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