Ligue 1: The high cost for Mbapp if he goes to war with PSG


The rope continues to tighten and in what way between PSG and Mbapp. The club made the decision yesterday not to summon its star to the japan tour which starts today There were no very important meetings in the previous hours to unblock the situation and he was not even involved Nasser al-Khelaifi. PSG, given the lack of response from the striker and his entourage to the proposal to negotiate the renewal or transfer, then decided that the player would not enter Luis Enrique’s group and He will stay in Paris with the rest of the footballers who are considered transferable.

Mbapp trains with PSG alongside his 16-year-old brother

The positions are more than distanced. The president of PSG has been proposing for a long time that the weight of the institution, as in any big club in Europe, is above its players. I already warned him punishment to Messi and with the new club policy in which previously untouchable players such as Neymar or Verratti they are no longer. They believe that a few years ago the entity would have knelt begging Messi or Mbapp to stay, but things have changed or so they want to convey.

Today the indignation with the striker remains the same. They believe that his considered decision to go free next year is almost a sabotage to the club that bet on him seven years ago, because he knows of the irreparable damage that is caused to the entity if he leaves without recovering at least part of the enormous investment made by the footballer in this last year of his contract.

PSG is even unaware of the strategy that Mbapp will follow after this decision. From what appeared in some French media, the player would be willing to pay the consequences of his effort to go free even if it cost him the bench. However, the price would be excessively high, because Kylian would no longer harm the club in this war, but there are risks of collateral damage to France. It must not be forgotten that next summer there is the European Championship in Germany and the striker is the captain of the team. He has also repeatedly stated that he would like to play the Paris Games that come immediately after.

Al-Khelaifi and Mbapp, in PSG training: they pose far away in a photo

Spending a blank year, facing the club and with the fans divided, due to the mere fact of waiting until June 2024 to collect every last euro of his mega contract with PSG and Real Madrid, almost the only candidate right now, a transfer bonus would not leave him in a very good position in the face of a part of the French fans who have always seen him as an example and an icon if in the end he does not arrive in the best conditions with Les Bleus. In Paris they consider that the position of their star is nothing more than a way of sabotaging everyone except the club with which, they suspect, the footballer already has a commitment.

With the group of transferables

Mbapp will train in the new Poissy Sports City with the other footballers who are not part of the club’s plans and who have also stayed in Paris, like Draxler, Paredes or Wijnaldum. The absence of Kylian in the list caught by surprise. Although his presence was never taken for granted from within the club, the idea is for him to go and the decision was made at the end, given the player’s lack of response. Everything was cooked yesterday. In fact, Luis Enrique already made him play hours before the list came out in the first friendly against Le Havre, even marking the final 2-0 after 25 minutes of play, so everything suggested that he would get on the plane.

Mbapp, however, has a great character. His environment maintains the same line. Since the pulse began, Kylian’s team has transmitted that the player will be wearing the PSG shirt in September. For now, this has not changed.


Mbapp, in training this week with Neymar and Donnarumma.PA

PSG deadlines have not changed. They are the ones that he explained in the letter that he sent to the player on July 3 and of which MARCA already informed. July 31 was the last deadline from a legal point of view, since it is the deadline for the player to communicate if he renews his contract. But the PSG president already made it clear in Luis Enrique’s presentation, a week before Kylian joined, that it was urgent to find a solution that same week or the one that is now ending. Without progress, the club has returned to attack.

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