Ligue 1: PSG leaves Mbapp without a tour and puts him up for sale

0 and transcendental chapter in the soap opera mbapp. The player will not get on the plane this Saturday to participate in the tour for Japan. I will not do it by decision of the psgwho has decided to take that position because he understands that the player is not about to renew his contract and suspects that he already has an agreement with another team to leave free in 2024.

With this measure, PSG remains firm in its position and maintains that it has been clear in its idea. Remember that no player (not even Mbapp) is above the institution, that the group is above the individual and that the club will not be paralyzed by the demands of a footballer.

The French entity understands that the fact that Kylian has made the decision to go free next summer after seven seasons betting heavily on him is an enormous betrayal and despite the fact that he had stated in an interview that he would never leave the club for free.

Mbapp already scores goals with PSG

He psg insists that the club is paralyzed by this situation of whether the footballer stays or leaves, as he made clear in the letter sent on July 3 and made it clear Nasser Al-Khelaifi at the press conference in which he announced Luis Enrique in early July. Also in the welcome talk for the entire squad this week.

No response from Mbapp, which is already for sale

He psg He also maintains that he has already asked the footballer on several occasions to sit down and talk in search of a solution without receiving a response. First it was before July 15 (first training), but the player has not communicated anything to the club.

Based on this lack of response from mbappthe club assumes that the player wants to leave for free, it is sure that he already has an agreement with another club, so it considers that plans should start without him from now on, including the tour for Japan and Korea.

In fact, the psg It is clear that the footballer is already for sale, so the club will listen to the clubs that are interested. What’s more, in Paris it is clear that there are several who were already waiting for this movement and this decision to Qatar.

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