LaLiga EA Sports: Tebas: “Next year Mbapp will be in LaLiga by more than 70-80%”

Javier Tebas I gave an interview to Movistar, in the same format as the one made to Rafa Nadal last week. The president of LaLiga has chatted with Juanma Castao about current issues that concern the clubs’ employers and Spanish football in general. The full interview is broadcast tonight, but Movistar has already published some cuts through its social networks.

Percentage of seeing Mbapp in LaLiga next season: “Convinced, convinced, no. But it is a destiny for him, for sure. Next year he will be more than 70-80%.”

Things he has done wrong at the head of LaLiga: “We did not detect certain problems that Spanish football had of racism beforehand. These incidents of the Vinicius issue, which we worked on, but possibly we should have detected and what we are doing this season, having done it before, having done that work.”

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