Lagarde associates the departure of Ferrovial to the fragmentation of the capital market


The transfer of Ferrovial’s fiscal headquarters to the Netherlands has also been discussed by the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), christine lagardewho has attributed it to the fragmentation of capital markets in Europe. However, he has avoided commenting on this movement of the construction group, of which he has assured that he does not know the details. Some statements that he has made during an interview on Antena 3 and that have been collected by EFE.

“I don’t want to comment on this specific case because I don’t know it (…) but this story convinces me, even more, that we have to fight for a capital market union”, has stated the head of the ECB. In this sense, she has stressed that private sector companies are governed by the rules of the corporate world and that large companies want to expand and have access to financing in the markets. Precisely one of the main reasons given by Ferrovial to operate the change of fiscal headquarters.

Lagarde has highlighted that “Now many things have to be done to go public in other countries” and highlighted the existence of obstacles such as different languages, banks, regulation and taxes in each European country. In any case, in his view, progress is being made towards capital markets union, but not as fast as would be desirable.

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