Juninho pokes at Cristiano Ronaldo’s new coach: “He’s the worst person I’ve met in my entire career”


Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t debuted yet Al Nassr and it is already making headlines in the international press. All the spotlights are on the new experience of the Portuguese star in the Saudi Professional League. There he will be led by the French coach rudi garciawho has enormous experience managing leading clubs in France such as the Olympique de Lyon or the Olympique de Marseille. Juninho Pernambucodoes not have a very good memory of the French coach: “My experience with Rudi García was terrible. He is the worst character I have ever met in my entire football career,” the Brazilian declared in an interview with the Portuguese outlet MaisFutebol.

“He doesn’t know how to lead anything. He leads because of the fear that he imposes on others. He only respects people who have power or who can be taken advantage of in the relationship,” said the Brazilian.

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Juninho is clear that Rudi García will be at Cristiano’s service to make the most of the star signing of Al-Nassr: “He will not dare to do anything that gets in the way, on the contrary, he will even serve Cristiano breakfast if necessary. He will try to be Cristiano’s friend, to be close and he will do everything possible for it. It will be a dream for him to be Cristiano’s friend Ronaldo”.

He will not dare to do anything that gets in the way, on the contrary, he will even serve Cristiano breakfast if necessary

That’s how hard the Lyon sports director argued about how the Rudi’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldoassuring that the Portuguese will not have any problem with his new coach.

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A bad relationship that has lasted for several years

Behind the Rudi’s departure from Olympique de Lyon in 2021the French coach left with some harsh statements towards Juninho: “I discovered that when the Brazilian signings didn’t play, he wasn’t happy. That created a problem. He does things behind the back.”

After this, Juninho did not remain silent and attacked the former Lyon coach, declaring that “A rudi garcia he does not care about the success of the team and the atmosphere in the locker room. What matters is that he is the center of attention.”

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