Israel B is once again proclaimed champion of the second edition of Hot Spot

And finally the day came when music and street sports went hand in hand. Last Wednesday, June 7, the grand finale of the second edition of Hot Spot was held, a street football competition organized by Budweiser and Vietnam Estudio in which four teams participated, led by Kidd Keo, Sara Socas, Dollar Selmouni and, now Already, two-time champion of the two competitions, Israel B.

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Indeed, again Black Panthers, the team led by Israel B, took the cat to water. In this case, the jacket designed by Dano Ziontifik and Nigra Mercato (a tribute to the history of the Budweiser brand and its commitment to street culture) and a trip, with all expenses paid, for the entire team to the legendary music festival Tomorrowland dance.

This is the chronicle of an exciting day, which began at 5:30 p.m. in the afternoon and lasted until 10:00 p.m. at night.

Black Panthers, overwhelming, are proclaimed two-time champions of the second Hot Spot

The live chat was starting to heat up. “Long live freestyle”!, proclaimed a fan. The bets began to take place: “They say out there that Los Nios, Dollar’s team, are rocking.” Mbaka, the presenter of the event, prevailed over all the voices present so far and began the party of hip hop and street football. “Things are going to be very tough.”

After a video in which the trophy was presented once again, and a tour of the photocall (among others, we had the visit of Spok Sponha from Malaga, who gave clear signs of his mastery of improvised rhyme), Jarfaiter from Madrid or Delarue, from the San Blas neighborhood, who had a clear favorite: Black Panthers.

  • First match: Los Niños vs. Bando Boyz. Result: 4-2

In the first few minutes, the match between the teams of Dollar Selmouni and Kidd Keo already showed that this street football thing is something else: Dollar’s team showed incredible sportsmanship by admitting a foul they had made. Los Niños showed a clear superiority from the beginning, with more chances in the opposite area. Bando Boyz missed some opportunity, with shots to the post. And although they had a lot of quality in the game, they needed to finish off the plays. Rigo, striker for Los Nios, was already beginning to claim MVP of the day by pulling off an impeccable hat trick.

  • Second meeting: Timanfaya vs. Black Panthers. Result: 2-3

Soon those from Israel B began to make it difficult for Sara Socas’ team of mixed players. However, Aritz, a player of impressive stature, opened the scoring for those from Tenerife. After two goals from the panthers, the men from Socas seemed to throw in the towel, with serious mistakes by their goalkeeper. The opposite of the Black Panther goalie: a Juan Santos who undoubtedly put on quite a display of muscle and saves during the event.

  • Third meeting: Timanfaya vs. Children (2-6)

Those of Socas, without rest in their body, saw how the ‘Rigo Steamroller’ did a double. Timanfaya’s defense was strong, but Rigo’s was on another level. he against the neighborhood. However, the goals from Los Nios did not stop coming: a goal from Rigo, Josele, Christian Palomares… Bian Timanfaya was able, at least, to dismiss the match with a second goal.

  • Fourth meeting: Black Panthers vs. Bando Boyz (5-2)

Qualified as the ‘Derby’ of the event, this match showed, in the middle of the competition, that the Black Panthers had a good chance of taking the cat into the water. In the 14th minute, Israel B’s men had already scored three goals and their goalkeeper, Juan Santos, did not forgive one. Its border was, by all accounts, impassable. In the end, Kidd Keo’s men ended up conceding five goals.

  • Fifth match: Timanfaya vs. Bando Boyz (4-3)

Undoubtedly, the Black Panthers bathroom showed the fatigue of the Bando Boyz, who ended up biting the dust in front of the Timanfaya. The latter continued to have Aritz and Bian as great representatives. The anecdote of the match: the Bando Boyz goalkeeper managed to score a goal.

  • Sixth match: Los Nios vs. Black Panthers (2-3)

The two best teams, face to face. Both started with a rough game: even security had to mediate between them. The Black Panthers soon put the cards on the table with three flawless goals. Both teams certainly gave it their all, but you could tell the Bando Boyz were too tired.

So much so that Kidd Keo, captain of the latter, declared that they were leaving the championship, automatically being in fourth position. However, we were still going to have a little more from Alicante, since he delighted us with a performance, including pool dancers. Not only him: the rest of the captains performed their own songs to the delight of the fans.

  • Grand Finale: Los Niños vs. Black Panthers (2-6)

The match between Madrid and the team from the Balearic Islands, Dollar Selmouni, can be described as authentic: six goals like six soles that proclaimed them undisputed champions of the event and transported them to the Tomorrowland festival, in addition to making them holders of the trophy, Dano’s exclusive jacket Ziontifik and Nigra Mercato. However, an error by the goalkeeper of the Panthers, the hitherto irreproachable Juan Santos, presaged a different result. Nothing could be further from the truth: the score did not stop rising for the Israel B team. Of course, Rigo could not leave without scoring, again, an impeccable goal.

For Israel B, winning again has been very special and they already assure that they are ready to face anyone in the third edition. The event, however, does not end here: the event’s production company, Vietnam Studio, will finish shaping a documentary film shot interactively from its inception. It is a unique piece, charged with emotions that, like Budweiser, wants to show that, with effort, anything can be achieved. No matter where it comes from. See you next year!

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