Industry will mobilize 8,700 million to reinforce the Pertes and the tourist plans


The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism will activate 8,703 million of euros from the addendum to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan to reinforce the PERTEs and tourism plans. This has been broken down by the ministry itself in a statement in which it also adds that it establishes two new funds for 2,400 million. These will be managed by confides with the objective of producing viable investments.

As a whole, the addendum will mean almost 90,000 million euros (84,000 million in loans, 7,700 million in non-reimbursable transfers and 2,644 million from the REpowerEU plan). Specifically, and in the case of industrial sectorthe PERTE of the Electric and Connected Vehicle will be reinforced with 1,250 million more (1,000 million in loans and 250 million in transfers).

For its part, the PERTE of the decarbonization Its amount will be increased by an additional 2,720 million (1,700 million in the form of loans and 1,020 in direct transfers), the PERTE Agrifood will add 200 million in loans and the PERTE for microelectronics and semiconductors another 200 million in transfers. Additionally, the tourism will receive an extra fund of 1,000 million channeled through the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to reinforce aid aimed at the modernization, sustainability and green and digital transition of the sector.

Regarding the creation of the two new funds

The addendum also includes the creation of two new fundscalled FOCO (Coinvestment Fund) of 2,000 million, and FIS (Social Impact Funds) of 400 million, both managed by Cofides, to co-invest in Spanish companies with funds, sovereign institutions and institutional investors and to seek investments.

In addition, the addendum will reinforce investments in the public enterprises dependents of the ministry Cersa and Enisa. In this way, Cersa will receive 630 million for its industrial entrepreneurship support program, while Enisa will have another 283 million to finance its programs aimed at helping Spanish SMEs and startups.

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