If I have no income, do I have to file the 2022 Income Statement?


The Income statement 2022 It is just around the corner. Thousands of taxpayers are called dsince April 11, 2023 to settle accounts with the Tax Agency, but… How can you know if a person is obliged? Every year the Treasury produces a manual in which it specifies all the details of the campaign. However, before that manual is published, some changes are usually announced.

Who is required to file the 2022 Income Statement?

One of them is related to performance, that is, the calculation of minimum gross income that a person must have to be obliged to carry out this procedure. In the Income statement of 2022 the minimum amount yesIt will be 22,000 euros per year with a single payer and 15,000 in the case of two payers. Last year, on the other hand, the minimum in two payers was 14,000 euros.

Do I have to make the declaration if I have no income?

Therefore, What happens if a person has no income? It must be taken into account that, when presenting the Income, not only is the salary taken into account, but also all types of earnings are included. This means that if a person does not have a salary, but has received money from the rental fees that you charge in the homes you own, for example, you will have to present the Income.

On the other hand, some financial aid oblige the beneficiary to have to make the declaration. The Minimum Vital Income (IMV) is one of them. The people who receive it have to settle accounts with the Treasury yes or yes to be able to continue entering the aid. In this way, the State can see if those taxpayers continue to meet the requirements to have the IMV.

If I do not make the Income statement, can I be penalized?

In case of not being in any of the aforementioned cases, that is, if a person does not have any benefits or salary, they do not have to present the income statement. “It is important to be clear about whether or not we have returns of more than 22,000 euros or 15,000 euros if there are two payers, because if we do not take a good look at it and do not present the declaration we can be penalized by the Tax Agency“, explains Antonio Gallardo, Banqmi expert.

Therefore, it is most recommended that the taxpayer make a draft and, in this way, you will be able to see your annual returns. If they are higher than those indicated, you will have to carry out the procedure yes or yes, regardless of whether the result is to be paid or returned.

Can I make the Income statement without being obliged?

Not having to make the Income statement doesn’t mean it’s forbidden present it. In other words, although a user is not obliged, they can present it if it suits them. A young person who lives for rent and has little income can present the income statement to deduct what they pay for rent. It is a way to take extra money with the return. “If a person is not obliged to make the declaration, he can make the draft from the page of the Tax Agency and if it is convenient for him to present it,” advises the expert.

In short, when in doubt, the best thing to do is make the draft of the income statement. It can be processed through the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency with an electronic certificate or with the previous income statement. It must be taken into account that as long as it is a draft it will not affect the user, since the income tax return becomes effective once it is submitted.

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