Ibai Llanos: “The day I get into the ring of La Velada del Ao, it will be a turning point in my career”


No.no one could imagine that what started as a Twitter bite between two streamers, it will become a mass social phenomenon.

Of that Evening of Year 1, where there were three fights without an audience, only its essence remains. The Evening of the Year has become a must for anyone who walks the purple platform of Twitch, or not.

Why I was going Llanos cross the borders of the stream to your home, where it is the topic of conversation at the dinner table. Your father, your uncle and even your grandmother talk about him.

Hours prior to the event of the yearwe sat down with the ‘Record Man’ what a spray twitch with more than 3.5 million viewers last edition and what to fill the Cvitas Metropolitano with almost 70 thousand spectators to see an evening of boxing. Something like this had not happened since 1930 when the Montjuic stadium housed more than 70,000, other sources speak of 90,000. This Saturday, you can break your own record.

Q. What’s left of the Year 1 Soiree?

Answer. Remains the essence of twitch and content creation. It is an event made for content creators and streamers. We do it our way with our list and without anyone telling us how long it has to last or what to do.

Q. In labor terms, does it cost a lot to organize the Evening of the Year?

R. very much, You have to solve even the smallest detail. It’s a very long process They are eight months of a lot of work outside of what people already see.

We want it to be an event where people are very entertained. There are six boxing matches and musical performances. All this comes together to create a super event and that people remember it as something incredible.

Iaki Redondo from MARCA Gaming and Ibai Llanos

Q. Three withdrawals, one at the last minute… is this the evening that has given you the most headache?

R. Without a doubt, firstly because it is the biggest event we have ever done, tripling last year’s budget. This implies more responsibility and work. It is the Evening of the Year with more fights and performances. This increases the risk of things like the ones that did happen.

It has been a long and hard process. but we understand that it is the price that must be paid.

Q. With Amouranth withdrawing four days after the event, did you think about throwing in the towel?

R. Never throw in the towel, regardless of what happens on a day-to-day basis, The Evening is an event that I want to do, that there are many people who want it to happen and many who are involved. For me it is a challenge that I like to do and what I have done is go solving problems that have arisen along the way.

Q. The day she warns on Twitter that she is not participating, you open streaming…

R. I was thinking for a while about whether to open that same day or the next day, there were people who were thinking that it was something agreed for a marketing issue.

I wanted to clarify that it had nothing to do with it. and that what she said was real. With a health issue, it would be strange to come up with something like that.. And I had to clarify it, because she notified it via Twitter and I had not said anything. Then, in finding a substitute to fight Mayichi, it took me fourteen hours and now I’m happy for Mayichi because he will be able to fight.

Ibai Llanos during the interview with MARCA Gaming

Ibai Llanos during the interview with MARCA GamingFrancesc Advance

Q. Did you even think about getting into the ring after Amouranth?

R. No, it will be in a certain way a little irresponsible of me to go into the ring just because. But since I more or less knew we had an alternative to Amouranth, no. But if I get to be Thursday night without any substitute, I don’t know what I would have done. Everything happens for a reason and everything has a solution.

Q. In this Evening of Year 3, it will be possible to break the record for viewers on Twitch, and for very little it will not do so in attendees. The record is in a 1930 match on Montjuic with more than 70,000 spectators, other sources say 90,000… would you like to beat it? In the new Berbabu I think they fit…

R. I see it well… We will have to talk about it, but it will be spectacular. Not only for beating that record of almost a hundred years ago, but for taking a little step further. In addition, I notice that many people are left without a ticket. We got the tickets and in forty minutes they were all sold in the largest stadium in Spain. Taking into account that We can’t do it at the Camp Nou and at the Bernabu, It means that there are many people who want to go that are left out of the event.

Q. Did you expect to sell all the tickets in such a short time?

R. Not at all, and it’s not false humility. We work with a team that has done hundreds of sporting events and no one believed that La Velada was going to fill up in one night. They said that fifty percent, after two days, it would be a success. The only one who thought this could happen, It was me and maybe Piqu.

P. Will we see you one day in the ring of La Velada del Ao?

R.. I think that someday i will have to do it and in my life as a streamer and content creator, It will be closing a stage.

It would be a before and after getting into the ring at my event, win or lose, honestly, a stage in my life will have ended. I don’t know if I would continue streaming for two more years or three because there is the Kings League or KOI. The fact of getting into the ring means that I have gone through a process of brutal physical change and that I have been focused on this for a year. I don’t know how I would react, it would be a before and after. Maybe it’s all over or it doesn’t have as much impact on meAnd I keep doing things. But without a doubt, that day would be to reflect.

Ibai Llanos poses for the c

Ibai Llanos poses for the camera of Francesc AdelantadoFrancesc Advance

Q. Will you be afraid to get on?

R.. The evening It is an event that cares for all the participantsbut I don’t know if I would be afraid because I have never sparred, so First they will have to hit me to find out. But I think I would be able to do it because I have many colleagues who have done it and this gives you security.

P. Have you dreamed of that moment?

R. Of course I do, I have the song thought. I have dreamed many things, including lifting the Kings League. I know exactly who I want to go with…

Q. And what would that last Evening be like?

R. I would like see a match between DjMariio and TheGrefg. I think Kameto would be my ideal opponent. I think I have to get on with someone I have real beef with, someone I feel like.

Q. The last one… Mbapp to Madrid?

R. I think that It’s something that has to happen for surebut it has us all dancing. It’s a roller coaster, sometimes it seems like it’s coming and sometimes it doesn’t.. At some point he will have to leave PSG and I hope it will be to Madrid. If it’s United, I sink.

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