How to register for the 2023 Post Office oppositions until January 21


Last Thursday, January 12, the deadline for register for oppositions to Correos. Now, those interested in getting one of the 7,687 permanent workforce positions must be very attentive, since the term to send the request has ten calendar days, so your Deadline for registration will be January 21., that is, on Saturday of this same week. Likewise, among the public employment positions offered, they are classified as motorized delivery, walking delivery, customer service and classification agent.

Of course, in the case of the last two, it will be both part-time and full-time. To all this we must add other 70 places for people with disabilities, through the specific procedure conventionally provided, in order to contribute to their integration into employment. On the other hand, and as a novelty for this call, Correos publishes the agenda for free. Between the general requirements To access this public job offer, applicants must be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) title, School Graduate, official qualification that replaces it, or knowledge, experience and skills, acquired in the performance of their profession, equivalent to this degree.

On the other hand, with regard to how the permanent staff selection tests, you will have to pass a questionnaire of 100 multiple choice questions, in a maximum time of 110 minutes. The evaluation of this phase will reach a maximum of 60 points. On the other hand, the competition phase will add a total of 40 points. In it, aspects such as training courses, academic training, driving licenses, languages, seniority in the Post Office, having worked in the province, applying or being in the Employment Exchange will be valued. As regards when the first examemphasize that said selection process will have to end, at most, December 31 of this year. Date that coincides with the evaluation of merits. However, both the training courses and the accreditation of language knowledge will be evaluated on February 20.

How to register for public employment offers at Correos

for eSend the application to the Correos employment exchangeyou will have to access the “People and Talent” section. Once inside the platform, it will be necessary to click on the section “Direct access to the registration platform”. Also, unlike other years, registration in the process must be done through a new platform designed for the management of massive processesfor which two actions will have to be carried out:

  • First of all, register in the Correos mass process platform. If you have registered in any Correos application, either because you are a customer of a service or in the case of being a temporary Correos worker and receiving the digital payroll, it is possible that you have already registered.
  • In second place, enroll in the admission process. You must complete the process by paying the amount and verifying that you receive two emails, one confirming the registration and another with the invoice. Only card payment is accepted. The cost of a test will be €15.65 and of €31.30 in the case of performing two tests.
  • Precisely in this sense, emphasize that it will be necessary to select the province and the position or positions in which you want to work.

Requirements for oppositions to Correos

The courier and parcel company opens the registration period to apply for the general call for 7,687 permanent workforce positions. Regarding the obligations, the interested parties must comply with these requirements:

  • Meet the legal hiring age for each job position.
  • Comply with contractual requirements regarding work permits or any other that replaces it.
  • Have the title of Compulsory Secondary Education (THAT)School Graduate or equivalent.
  • Not currently maintain a permanent employment relationship with Correos.
  • Not having been separated from service, disqualified or dismissed due to events occurring within the Correos Group companies.
  • Not having had an employment contract terminated with Correos for not passing the probationary period in the performance of the position requested in the process.
  • Not having been negatively evaluated for the job position in Correos requested in the process.
  • Not be disqualified from performing public functions by final judgment.
  • Not suffer from illness or physical or mental limitations for the normal performance of the tasks and functions to be performed.

Free email agenda

Correos offers all the content of the agenda through its website. A reference document based on which the tests of the opposition phase will be created and which is divided into a total of 12 themes. They are the following:

  • Topic 1. Correos: postal regulatory framework and legal nature. National and international regulatory bodies. International postal organizations in which it participates or is linked to Correos. Organization of the Correos Group. Correos and its adaptation to changes.
  • Topic 2. Experience of people in Post Office. Diversity, inclusion and equality. Risk prevention and well-being. Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Axes of sustainability in Correos. Entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Theme 3. Products and services: communication. Post Office and Express Mail Parcels. E-commerce services and Citypaq.
  • Theme 4. Products and services: in offices. Financial services. digital solutions. Philately.
  • theme 5. New lines of business: Correos Logística. Cold Post. Other businesses.
  • Theme 6. Tools. Functions and utility.
  • Theme 7. Operative processes I: admission.
  • Theme 8. Operational processes II: treatment and transport.
  • Theme 9. Operational processes III: distribution and delivery.
  • Theme 10. The customer: customer service and quality. Sales protocols.
  • Theme 11. Internationalization and customs.
  • Theme 12. Compliance standards. Data Protection. Prevention of money laundering. Ethical commitment and transparency. Information security and cybersecurity.

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