How to open a bank account with the passport: commissions and conditions


Anyone who arrives in Spain to settle in the country will need to carry out certain Common procedures to be able to dispose of your money. While it is true that online banking has made it easier to open many accounts or even use them internationally, some banks allow you to open a new account with documents other than the DNI.

If you still do not have nationality or are in the process of obtaining the papers, it is possible deliver other identifications such as the TIE (foreign identity card) or the passport itself. Likewise, in many cases it will be essential to have other conditions such as being of legal age, having economic solvency or not appearing on the list of defaulters and offering other data such as a mobile phone and internet connection.

Although it is usually a common procedure, not all banks offer this possibility. Likewise, customers should be aware that entities are required by law to offer a basic and free payment account. It is a checking account with hardly any associated expenses which is designed for people with fewer resources, especially with the aim of preventing them from being at risk of economic exclusion.

Banks where to open an account with a passport

The experts of No commissions They include some of the banks where it is possible to carry out this operation with only the passport. In the case of BBVA, the passport can be used, but only if it is opened in person at one of its offices. Specifically, it is possible to request a common current account or a youth account, aimed at people between 18 and 29 years of age. Of course, it is possible that it has an associated monthly maintenance fee.

bankinter Although they do not charge any fee for opening an account with the passport, it is possible that they include some additional conditions for its opening. Another of the traditional banks that allows you to carry out this operation is Santanderwhich with its Mundo Account for non-residents charges a maintenance fee of 16 euros per month and may additionally require some other condition.

Sabadell Bank It also has an account that can be opened with a passport and with an approximate annual APR of -3.552% (TIN 0%), although it varies depending on the average balance maintained. In CaixaBank they also have the option as long as a non-residence certificate and a registration certificate are presented together with the passport. In this case, it may be accompanied by quarterly commissions if all the requirements are not met.

revolt is a neobank that makes it easy to create accounts with just your mobile. In this case, it allows you to have international accounts without commissions and with the option of withdrawing money from the ATM certain times a month. The same goes for others like BNext either N26which have many facilities to open an online account if you do not have a DNI or NIE and in many cases without associated commissions.

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