How to claim the damages caused by the storms of the Dana


The current situation in Spain with the arrival of the Danait’s leaving serious damage to real estate, caused by floods, especially in the southeastern areas of the peninsula. Accidents in vehicles and homes are beginning to be registered and citizens want to know how they claim these incidents.

Given the intense rainfall around the Gulf of Cádiz and the arrival of humid winds in the southeast and east of the peninsula, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) advises users who have insurance to claim to the same or to the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CSS).

In addition, the OCU also places special emphasis on cases in which extraordinary damages caused by very destructive natural phenomena, the CCS takes charge of the compensation for vehicles and homesas long as they are previously insured.

Notify the Consortium to claim the damages of the Dana

For this reason, the organization recommends, in addition to notifying the insurer, notifying the Consortium as soon as possible, although it warns that this does not cover all risksapply grace periods (for example, in certain cases, seven days from the validity of the first policy or subsequent ones if there are periods in between without coverage) and indemnify as contracted in the private policy.

In the case of not being considered extraordinary damage, some natural phenomena are covered by home insuranceof the community or of the vehicle, and it will be the insurer who will be responsible for the damages suffered in case of having contracted the coverage, as he explains.

Fully comprehensive cars are safe from damage from the Dana

In the case of automobiles, those affected who have contracted an insurance company may claim damages that are not considered extraordinary. own damage insurance in the all-risk modality (where damages due to hail or impact or collision of objects are usually expressly covered).

In addition, at the same time those who have a safe with moonsin the event that they break, and in any case, if hail or storms have caused damage, OCU recommends reviewing the insurance conditions and making a claim.

No evidence, no claim

On the other hand, regarding the houses, there are some risks and natural phenomena (rain or hail) yes they are covered by insurance of home when, although they do not reach the magnitude of extraordinary risk, they exceed a certain intensity.

On the other hand, if the loss is clearly extraordinary, The Consorcio must be notified immediately ( and if it is not clear, both the insurer and the Consorcio must be notified. In both cases, it is recommended to those affected collect all evidence in order to demonstrate the accident and its effects (reports from meteorological agencies or observatories, newspaper clippings, photos, emergency reports, police, civil protection, firefighters, etc.) and look for witnesses.

However, despite the fact that in theory the risks are covered, on many occasions insurance does not respond o They delay and hinder the payment of compensation for claims, and if this happens, the organization encourages consumers to claim against possible breaches of contract.

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