How much will domestic workers receive unemployment in 2023: new amounts


It was in 2022 when the Government of Spain, at the request of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, led by Yolanda Díaz, approved the right to apply for unemployment benefit for domestic workers after unanimously ratifying in June Convention 189 of the petition of the International Labor Organization (ILO) that obliges this group, often vulnerable, and made up of more than 600,000 women, to recognize unemployment. well, the Public State Employment Serviceguarantees that the unemployment contribution is mandatory for female workers as of October 1, 2022.

Likewise, the contribution bases for unemployment will be those corresponding to the contingencies of accidents at work and occupational diseases. To all this, we must add that the conditions change when it comes to terminating the cause of the contract, that is, when notifying the dismissal, since dismissal by withdrawal is eliminated. The truth is that until last year, employers could terminate the employment relationship without a justifiable cause. Therefore, in accordance with the assumptions of article 49.1 of the Workers’ Statute, must be notified in writing.

That is, if the domestic employee has provided her services for more than a year, the employer must comply a minimum notice of 20 days. In the event that the employment contract is less than twelve months, the notice is reduced to only 7 days. Another point to take into account is that, as a minimum, it must be adjusted to the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), which is currently 1,000 euros per month divided into 14 payments or 1,166.67 euros in 12. In the case of hourly pay means 7.29 euros per hour. If holidays are included, it amounts to 7.82 euros.

I am a domestic worker, when do I have the right to unemployment?

Like any other worker, domestic workers have right to unemployment If, when your contract ends, you have contributed to unemployment, at least, 360 days. However, if the period is shorter, They will also be entitled to subsidies. for unemployment, as is the case of the subsidy 480 euros per month, if they comply with those provided for in them. Likewise, the contributions made in any of the Social Security schemes for which unemployment is contributed will be taken into account.

How much do domestic workers earn in unemployment in 2023?

Unemployment benefit, or unemployment, is revalued by 8.5% by 2023, so that unemployed people will apply these new amounts as of this same month of January, as detailed in the SEPE website. In this way, the minimum amount will be 560 euros for people without children, and 749 for people with dependent children, and the maximum 1,225 euros for people without children, 1,400 euros for people with one child and 1,575 euros for people with more than one dependent child. In the event that you are entitled to a subsidythe amount is estimated at 480 euro.

Minimum amount of contributory benefit

  • Without children (80% of the IPREM): 560.00 euros.
  • 1 child or more (107% of the IPREM) 749.00 euros.

Maximum amount of contributory benefit

  • Without children (175% of the IPREM): 1,225.00 euros.
  • 1 child (200% of the IPREM): 1,400.00 euros.
  • 2 children or more (225% of the IPREM) 1,575.00 euros.

How much should domestic workers contribute in 2023

employers must pay their base a percentage of 30.8% in concept of contributions the result. Of this data, 23.6 points are for contributions for common contingencies, 5 points for unemployment – which apply from October 2022 -, 1.5 points are for professional contingencies, 0.2 points for FOGASA and 0. 5 points have been added since January by the Intergenerational Equity Mechanism.

On the other hand, domestic workers also should increase their contribution to Social Security, although in this case they will only do so by one tenth. Therefore, to your contribution quota sand a percentage of 5.85% must be applied: 4.7 points for the worker’s share, 1.05 share points for the unemployment benefit and 0.1 points for the MEI.

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