How much personal income tax is paid in the 2022 Income statement with two payers?


With two payers in the statement of income it always comes out positive, that is, it is time to pay. It is one of the most heard phrases every year when talking about rendering accounts with the Tax Agency, but it is not entirely true. The weeks begin in which to prepare everything for the taxpayer to show to the Treasury how much income tax have you paid And if it is considered that you have paid more, the difference is returned to you, but if you have paid less, you will have to contribute what is missing. And this is what happens when there are two payers.

Factors that affect personal income tax in the 2022 Income Statement

To find out how much personal income tax a person has to assume, a series of factors are taken into account. Not only the income received, but also the marital status (married, divorced…), dependent children, alimony. All these factors determine that one or another personal income tax figure be established.

In case of having two payers, it must be taken into account that the Tax Agency will calculate the personal income tax based on total revenue. With an example it is clearer: if a person earns 14,000 euros a year in one job and 25,000 euros in another, the Treasury will calculate the income tax that corresponds to pay a person who earns 35,000 euros.

How much personal income tax to pay

So what for? a person knows how much IRPF has to pay You will have to use an IRPF calculator and estimate how much you have to withhold earning 35,000 euros. Using this tool it can be seen that a taxpayer with two payers whose income totals add up to 35,000 euros, you will have to pay 17.5% personal income tax.

Therefore, if that withholding is divided by two, it comes out 8.75%, which is the amount that the user with this case should pay for personal income tax on each job. Another option is to increase the income tax withholding in the job that receives more money and leave it at the minimum in the other. In this way, when the 2023 Income Tax return has to be filed, the user will remain at a table: they will neither have to pay nor will they have to return it.

Is it possible to change the personal income tax withholding at work?

any worker You can establish what you want to pay for personal income tax. To do so, you will have to speak with your manager to find out what procedure you must follow. Thus, a user can avoid having to pay in the income statement despite the fact that he has two payers. The key is to be clear about how much you have to pay and make sure that the IRPF is being withheld correctly on the payroll for each of the jobs.

How does the Treasury claim personal income tax?

A taxpayer can lower the personal income tax to, in this way, receive higher monthly income, but this can cause inconveniences when the 2022 income statement is presented. “In the income statement, the Tax Agency checks if we have paid the personal income tax that corresponds to us, therefore, if we pay less personal income tax than what the Treasury estimates, we will have to pay. That is why it is better to make sure that we pay the appropriate personal income tax,” explains Antonio Gallardo, an expert at Banqmi.

With two payers is it mandatory to make the Rent?

A person will have to make the statement with two payers as long as their annual income exceeds 15,000 euros. Therefore, if a taxpayer does not exceed that amount, he does not have to present it.

However, you can always make the draft and if it comes out to return it, process the declaration. It is a way to receive an extra income without any kind of commitment.

In addition, for once making the statement Doesn’t mean you always have to do it. It will depend on the yields obtained during the fiscal year and if these exceed the minimum amounts established by the Tax Agency to be obliged to process the income.

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