how much does the plugin go up to reduce the gender gap in 2023


Many pensioners They still do not know to this day that they can see their economic benefits increased thanks to the pension supplement to reduce the gender gap, which replaces the previous maternity supplement. The objective it pursues is to repair the damage that women have suffered throughout their professional careers for assuming a leading role in the task of caring for children, which has a direct impact on the field of pensions.

However, although women are cited as the main victims in this field of work, men can also access who have had one or more sons or daughters and who are beneficiaries of a contributory retirement, permanent disability or widow’s pension. However, the only one that is not contemplated is partial retirement, unless full retirement is accessed from partial retirement, which is when its payment will be recognized, as long as the requirements demanded by the Social Security.

This is how the gender supplement increases in the 2023 pension

The amount of the supplement is set each year in the General State Budget. In the year 2023, the amount set by the Government of Spain is 29.30 euros per month for each son or daughter, with a limit of four times said amount. That is, a total of 117.20 euros per month in the event that they have had four children or more.

It should be noted that these amounts are not taken into account when applying the maximum limit for contributory pensions or when determining the supplement for pensions below the minimum. That is to say, will be added even when the maximum pension is collectedwhich this year will exceed 3,000 euros per month for the first time.

For context, it should be noted that until 2022 it had an amount of 27 euros per month plus the pension, in the event that a woman had one child, 54 euros if she had two, 81 euros if she had three children or 108 euros if she had four or more children, as a maximum limit.

In which cases can parents request it?

For parents to request the supplement to reduce the gender gap, one of the following circumstances must occur:

  • cause a widow’s pension for death of the other parent for the sons or daughters in common, provided that one of them is entitled to receive an orphan’s pension
  • Cause a contributory retirement pension or permanent disability and having interrupted or having had their professional career affected by the birth or adoptionn, with certain conditions related to the listing.

How to request the supplement together with your pension application

The interested party can request it along with the pension application process at National Institute of Social Security (INSS) or to the Social Institute of the Navy in the case of sea workers. However, if the pensioner has a cl @ ve, electronic DNI or digital certificate, he may do so from the Your Social Security portal. In the corresponding request, you must check the specific box for the request of this complement and fill in the data relating to your child or children.

What are the requirements to request this plus in the pension

These are the general requirements to request the complement to reduce the gender gap in the INSS:

  • Be attached to any regime of the Social Security system and request a contributory pension retirement, permanent disability or widowhood. In other words, the supplement will be added to ordinary retirement, voluntary early retirement, permanent disability and widowhood pensions.
  • The supplements that could be recognized in any of the Social Security schemes will be incompatible with each other. It will be paid in the regime in which the person who caused the pension has more periods of discharge.
  • Have one or more children registered in the Civil Registry.
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