How can I maintain my retirement pension if I move abroad?


Currently, the workers who turn 66 years and 4 months can now apply for retirement. They will receive the contributory benefit as long as they have contributed a minimum of 15 years to the Social Security –two of them in the last 15 years-. And those who have been contributing for more than 37 years can retire at the age of 65. Once recognized the pensionis maintained until the death of the person, although if the person moves to the foreign must comply with certain formalities periodically.

In any case, they will go to receive a pension The amount of which depends depends on the regulatory base – based on the contribution bases – and the general percentage that corresponds based on the years of contributions – from the age of 36 and a half, 100% of the regulatory base will be applied.

In addition, an additional percentage may also be added for extension of working life if retirement is accessed at an age higher than the ordinary age in force at any given time. Or a corresponding reduction coefficient will be applied if early retirement is accessed. Whatever the corresponding amount, the Social Security allows you to charge it through different payment methods.

Until the death of the beneficiary

Once recognized the pensionis maintained until death of the pensioner –the only reason for extinction-. In this sense, Social Security explains that the beneficiaries of a pension of the system Social Security they will continue to perceive their benefit normally without the need to present any documentation to the entity managing your pension, normally the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

However, there is a circumstance that the beneficiaries of the pension will have to notify: transfer to foreign. Pensioners who reside abroad must present original proof of experience to maintain the benefit. They must do so every year within the first calendar quarter. Specifically, a document must be presented faith of life every year before March 31 and send it to the INSS Provincial Directorate who manages your pension.

What is the life certificate and how to request the certificate

This faith of life It can be obtained through a notarial certificate of presence or by appearing before those in charge of the Consular Civil Records, which are the competent authorities in this matter. Also the Ministries or Sections of Work, Migrations and Social Security from the place where you reside can issue certifications of appearance at your office, thus also proving your experience.

In addition, the possibility of making the appearance by video conference before these Ministries or sections of Work, Migrations and Social Security of the place where the pensioner resides, in order to avoid displacement of the interested parties.

What to do in case of death?

Any pensioner must, among other obligations, notify the Social Security any modification of your personal, family or economic situation. This includes the death of pensionerwhose obligation to notify it will fall on the next of kin.

The Social Security warns that “the omission of the obligation to communicate may be grounds for infringement.” Specifically, it must be communicated within 30 days after the death in any of the Social Security Attention and Information Centers (CAISS) of the National Social Security Institute of the national network. It will only be necessary to provide the pensioner’s death certificate.

If he pensioner resides abroadthe death must be notified to the INSS Provincial Directorate that manages your pension, or failing that, to the Labor Department of the Spanish Embassy of the place of residence. Despite notifying the death of the pensioner, it is necessary to keep an eye on the payments obtained and check that they are not improper, since, in that case, Social Security may demand the return payment.

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