Hong Kong raffles 500,000 plane tickets from today to attract tourism


The Asian city of Hong Kong has launched this Wednesday, March 1, the first phase of a major campaign with which it intends to boost tourism, business and investment with the country in full recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. The project includes the gift of 500,000 plane tickets to visitors and residents of the city.

The Hong Kong airlines Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hong Kong Airlines, together with the recently launched Great Bay Airlines, are participating in this initiative, which will have a investment close to 250 million euros and one duration of six months. Tickets will go on sale in phases, according to the city’s Tourist Office.

A draw divided into 3 three stages

The first stagewhich begins today, will be open to residents from all over the Southeast Asianwhile in the second, which takes off the next April 1stall the residents in mainland China may submit their applications.

Subsequently, the may 1the draw will be open to travelers from Europe, the United States and the rest of the world. In addition, Hong Kong residents will be able to participate in a draw for 80,000 free tickets to travel abroad in July.

This Wednesday, tourists from Southeast Asia who wanted to enter the raffle had to waiting in line for more than two hoursjust as Hong Kong Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways, based in the financial hub, launched the campaign.

How to get a plane ticket and what the raffle covers

Interested parties can register for the raffle for plane tickets at the Hong Kong airport website or through the pages of the airlines involved. According to the tourist office, the tickets will be awarded through a lottery system or by order of arrival and purchase, so nothing is guaranteed.

The campaign covers the return ticket in economy class, but whoever wins must pay the corresponding surcharges, fees and taxes. Upon landing at the Hong Kong airport, visitors will receive a welcome pack containing discounts on 1,500 attractions and services in the city.

The Hong Kong authorities announced this campaign last February, baptized “hello hong kong“, with the aim of the city resuming activity after three years of crisis and health restrictions due to the covid pandemic.

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