Handball World Cup 2023: Hispanics fall to Denmark leaving the last drop


La Spain less accurate and more imprecise so far in the World Cup -the effort must not be questioned- lost to Denmark in the semifinal against them (23-26). It was necessary to play a match bordering on perfection to overcome the obstacle of the most talented team in current handball, and Spain was not on that frequency wave this time.

The difficulties in sustaining the avalanche of play and resources deployed by the Danes were taken for granted, and it was where Spain performed at the best level, but in any case insufficient. The lack of freshness -did the 80 minutes against Norway take its toll?- to do their best handball. He almost never developed the necessary dynamics in the face of a challenge of the entity that always involves measuring himself against the Danes.

The first tactical compliment decided by Jordi Ribera gave a result that was temporary because Denmark did not take long to adapt. The second attempt was made by Pérez de Vargas with his saves. A third crashed into Nicklas Landin and Spain missed the boat for the final.


23- Spain: Prez de Vargas (1); Maqueda, Fernndez (3), Sol (4, 3p), Caellas (2), Guardiola, Pecia; Alex Dujshebaev (3), Figueras (1), Serdio (3), Casado, Valera (1), Snchez-Migalln (1), Daniel Dujshebaev (1), Odriozola (1).

26- Denmark:Nicklas Landin (Moller); Magnus Landin (2), Saugstrup (5), Gidsel (3), Hansen (4, 2p), Pytlick (6), Kirkelokke (1); Jacobsen (3), Mollgaard, Hald (1), Jorgensen (1).

Scoreboard every five minutes: 3-3, 4-6, 5-9, 7-10, 10-12, 10-15; 13-17, 15-20, 17-20, 20-21, 20-23, 23-26.

referees: Schulze and Tonnies (Germany). They excluded Maqueda (twice) and Odriozola for Spain and Magnus Landin, Kirkelokke and Saugstrup for Denmark.

Incidents: Semifinal match of the men’s World Championship. ERGO Arena in Gdansk (Poland).

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