Genoa encourages Villacís to join the PP, but without conditions: “There are no internal currents here”



Feijo wants to sign her, but without a special status, as she would have transmitted to her relatives

The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoa Villacs.EUROPE PRESS
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Begoa Villacs is one of the three main signings oranges with which Alberto Néz Feijo dreams. The other two are Ins Arrimadas -much more difficult to find- and Luis Garicanothat he cannot return to politics until he finishes his commitments as a university professor at the columbia university (NY). But that of the deputy mayor of Madrid is the one that is easiest to materialize.

In fact, the National leadership of the Popular Party clearly opens the doors to him but with one condition: that there be no counterparties or preferential treatment or outside the normal party discipline. “The PP comes without conditions”, settles one of the main leaders of Genoa, in conversation with THE WORLD.

This refers to the information advanced by the newspaper the country about Villacs’ interest in going over to the PP, but with loose verse status. “My intention is to be an internal current within the PP,” he told several officials and members of his team a few weeks ago, according to said information. In addition, Villacs would be trying to get the Ciudadanos candidates to join the candidacy popularbut as independents or in a tacit coalition.

This is not liked in Genoa. “In the PP there are no currents. This is not a coalition, it is a government party,” say sources from Alberto Nez Feijo’s team. The door of the PP is “open” by way of invitation, but “the way is not to talk about currents.”

“A Serious Match”

“A single drop of water is not a current. It increases the flow but does not modify the course of the river”, metaphorizes a high official of the national PP. “In the PP there are no personalist currents. This is a serious party and whoever wants to come has the door open but we are not a coalition, but a political party with clear and defined ideas and projectshe adds.

In any case, it escapes no one that this means a first step for the possible incorporation of Villacs into the ranks popular. The fact that she has verbalized it among her own means that her case has taken a leap in quality.

“If they ring the bell, we will open them,” they had already assured from the leadership of the main opposition party when Villacs made it known that if Edmundo Bal won the primaries, she would go to the PP. They said the same about the possibility of incorporating Arrimadas, but the latter, however, closed any door in an interview with this newspaper.

“We need Ciudadanos to finish dying,” sources from Genoa summarized in this newspaper. Villacs “does not get anything” in his internal polls on the Madrid municipal elections of the May 28, reveal. Not a councillor. “If she wants, she will come,” insists another Genoa national leader.

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