Garamendi will study the salary increase but criticizes that they ask to raise taxes


The president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, stated this Thursday that they will study the CCOO and UGT salary proposal. However, he has been “surprised” at the section in which they ask the Government to raise taxes on companies to 15% if they do not reach an agreement.

Garamendi has made these statements before his participation in the Forinvest Conference in Alicante, when asked about the CCOO and UGT salary proposal in the negotiation with the employers with the objective of asking for salary increases of 5% in 20224.5% in 2023 and 3.75% in 2024.

Garamendi has affirmed that he will analyze the proposal of the unions, at the same time that he has been “surprised” by a section of the document. “I don’t understand it, they say that if we don’t reach an agreement, they are asking the government to raise taxes on companies to 15%,” he criticized. Likewise, he has assured that They are going to work on the proposal of the unionsbut he has reiterated his surprise at this point because he considers that it is “the intervention of the State in something that precisely should not be there.”

“What you have to do is make the companies flow. The companies are having a huge problem of costs, on account of energy, in many cases also of raw materials”, he lamented, while pointing out that the governor of the Bank of Spain and economists have warned of second round inflationfor which reason it has advocated “managing in a reasonable manner”.

With respect to the union proposal, he has also expressed that he does not understand “that the Government should be the one that has to mark in each sector what the index is or not”. “We would be talking about minimum, maximum or average salary. It would be the global SMI and that would not go into what we could talk about,” he stressed.

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